It feels like home to me

Have I mentioned we bought ourselves a little home?
As in, we've begun renting what we refer to as our home.
Well, we did.

I realize I am pretty much on the ball, or maybe a bit past the ball, when it comes to the whole wedding, and marriage situation.
So what if I had a wedding dress before I had a ring? And so what if I found myself a little home two months before I have a husband?

The extremely early bird catches all the worms.

Heres a little peek.

Living/Dining Room. My favorite room of the house. 
Lots of natural light, the wall color, carpet, and light fixture, all fit me just fine.

The itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny room we call our kitchen. 
It might be small, but I love it all the same. 

The bathroom, that yes, we have already begun decorating. 
Kohls was having a good sale okay!? It's a work in progress. 

The bedroom. It needs some serious lighting, but we like it. 

And the best room in the whole little house.....
Ta-Da! The CLOUD room. 
We are pretty sure the previous owners had a baby... and as adorable as it is, the clouds have got to go. 

And last, my little porch/deck/backyard. 
Picture twinkle lights, a bench, and lots of flower pots.

There it is, our first home. All it needs is a little TLC. 
We are excited to start painting, and cleaning and planning, and moving over the next 2 months.
Come January, you can come visit the O'Gwin's anytime you'd like. 

 Everyday is like Christmas Eve thinking of all the happy things to come.
Zane literally can't sleep at night lately. It's pretty cute. 


  1. love it. it looks nice... hope you post pics when you have the furniture... :)

    awe the last pic of you too is adorable!!

  2. I'm loving your hair. And your place haha