just a tid bit

We got married and it was absolutely perfect. 
It looked a little something like this.

I will blog all about it. 
But for now, I am off being lazy. 


Christmas with my big lug

This was the first Christmas between my two families, and I loved it.
Christmas Eve is a big event for the O'Gwins, they do a big dinner, get pajamas, read a Christmas story, and watch a Christmas movie.
It worked out pretty perfect because Christmas day is a bigger in my family.
Although, I did miss my traditional family movie and dinner out, I really loved spending Christmas Eve with the O'Gwins.

Zane had a little sleepover at my house that night, because Christmas starts at my house at 7 AM. We opened presents and went to church. When we got home we had our traditional Borup Christmas Breakfast.
And I made delicious some pancakes, if I do say so myself.
After we were filled to the brim, Zane and I went over to his parents house to open some presents, and took a little Christmas nap.
Then it was time to head over to my Hirschi family Christmas dinner at my grandmas, and opened a couple more presents.

We wore our matching turtlenecks, because mom says, "everyone looks good in a black turtleneck."

Just channeling my inner mom and making some pancakes. 

Spending some time with my Hirschi cousins

Zane doing magic for the kids

And Zane gave me my cute lion hat that I just adore. 
I sure do love this guy. 

It was a wonderful Christmas. 
I am truly blessed. 

Now that Christmas has come and gone, all thats left to do is get married!!!


It's a summary

I try not to do summary entries.
But it turns out that the last 2 weeks before you get married, and christmas are unbelievably busy. Leaving little time to blog at all, let alone blog well. 
So bare with me here, as I catch you up.

When school was over, I spent a lot of afternoons doing this while Zane worked from home. And since he is obsessed with me and all, he took a picture. It's been nice to have some time to relax a little more.

And when I wake up, we do dumb things like this. 
Also, I've created a bad habit of  only taking pictures with his iphone.

We spent some time shopping at Ikea, and then even more time building things and moving in. It looked a little like this.

Soon we celebrated Christmas with the Borups at the annual Borup Christmas party! It's exciting to think that Zane will be there with me every year for the rest of my life. 

And we spend a lot of time getting out apartment ready, eating tender meals on the floor. 

We went and saw Sherlock Holmes.

Most importantly though, I went through the temple to receive my endowments on Thursday. It was such a special experience. I am so excited to be with Zane forever, to be our own little family. And guess what? It happens in 4 days!

Next comes Christmas and the wedding. 
I promise to be a better blogger, okay?
Don't give up on me.


the last hoora, or however you spell it..

Yesterday was my last bridal shower, and I finished it off right celebrating with my best girl friends.
They kind of surprised me with a night up at Hillary's cabin.
It was only half a surprise, because they realized I would have to get work off. They ended up informing me Wednesday night. I'm lucky my boss at Mozy is so understanding about this crazy month for me, and let me take Friday off last minute.

The party was a success!
We decided to combine the shower with our annual Christmas party. It was like high school all over again to have all 7 of us together, and I loved it.
We ate junk food, laughed, watched a slideshow Lysha put together of all our old memories, exchanged gifts, played ridiculous games, chatted, and fell asleep to a movie.
I loved it. I love those girls.
Although having a wedding, and Christmas in the same month has been beyond stressful, it has also been such a huge reminder of how blessed I am.
Blessed to have such a wonderful future husband, blessed to have an incredibly supportive family, and blessed to have beautiful, crazy best friends.

Doin' what we do best

Love this nut!

Aren't they the cutest!

We really are the luckiest 7 :)

Thanks to everyone who helped put this little celebration together.
I love you guys!



Dad updated the mac, and me and sista got a kick out of it.
Sure do love her.

Enjoy this silent video. Can't figure out why there is no sound. 

the photos

Well, the cat is out of the bag.
It was only a day or two after I said I wasn't going to post them that Alix posted them herself.
And it's was shortly after that, that they were posted to Utah Bride Blog.

And since everyone is now free to give their comments on either blog, I figured I should tell you my thoughts too.

The blogger on Utah Bride said my ring is a green diamond, and then a photographer replied with this..

"I seriously don’t think that’s a “green diamond” though. I think that’s a green amethyst or a aquamarine, depending on the post-processing. I have both stones. They are stunning in images and even moreso in real life. BRAVO to the bride for thinking outside the box and being open to such a thing! They are amazing rings and hold up amazingly well and I totally abuse mine! lol. PS: I love your dress and your husband looks like Mr. Darcy! :)"

Well. Let me tell you. Its not a Amethyst or a Aquamarine, and it's definitely not a diamond.
My ring is a green sapphire and I adore it. I was actually upset when the pictures came back that my ring in the pictures looked so dull. I am glad everyone else likes it, but it's truly better in person.
On the actual day I'll make sure to get it cleaned before so the pictures can do it justice.

And just so everyone knows, my husband is a real life Mr. Darcy, which makes me one very happy Jane Austen fan.
Except it doesn't take a whole book for him to grow on you, he'd have you by the 1st page.

My dress is from Alysse's Bridal. It was the very first one I tried on, and I fell in love with it even though it was nothing I had ever pictured myself in.
But yes, I was freezing that day. I will be even more cold on my wedding day.
But I refuse to wear any sort of cloak or coat.
I never wanted a winter wedding, I've made plenty of adjustments for the undesired season and even come to embrace it, but covering up my dress is just not something I'm willing to do.

My earrings and bracelet are both from Nordstrom. ( a moment of silence for their upcoming closing)
And my hair pin is actually a vintage brooch from Planted Earth.
I did my own make up, but my hair stylist, Brittany, did my hair.

That is not my real bouquet. My wonderful aunt, who is planning my whole wedding, threw those together last minute and they turned out wonderful! She insists when the professional does it on my wedding day they will look better, but I think they looked great.

I chose Zane's suit. Tuxedos are much too fancy for my taste.
I also chose Zane's long hair, and his scruffy face.
That's how I like him, and that's all there is to it.

Alix is amazing. Often she is much more creative with her photography. She's used donkeys, paper airplanes, and candy of all sorts. And basically, that doesn't fit me.
But she has an ability to sense who I am and be true to Zane and I as a couple, and herself at the same time.
So the pictures ended up perfect.

I felt ridiculously silly arching my back, knowing I looked nothing like a model in that moment, but it seems to be one of her favorites. A picture I love is actually one of me laughing hysterically coming out of it, which she didn't post. But you will see on here soon enough, or at my reception if you're coming.
Just thought you needed to know I did not, and can not take myself seriously in that photo.

So there it is. My opinion.
I'm still not going to post my own pictures yet. Just doesn't feel right.
2 weeks people, that's all you have to wait.
Assuming you're actually anticipating it.. which you probably aren't, but I'm pretending it's the event of the year. So let me be delusional.


growing up

Lately all I can think about is eating sandwhiches.
I don't like sandwhiches. My taste buds have evolved, but we're not quite there yet.
Since weird prego cravings are years away, why I'm craving subway everyday is a mystery.

So Zane decided he would make a sandwhich that could fit my toddler taste buds.
And because he knows me so well, he didn't let me watch him make it. As long as I don't know mayos there, it can't hurt me.

I ate one whole half.
Similar to how my relationship with tacos and Chinese food began, so I have high hopes.


I wanna itch it!

So Zane and I got our "groomals" back, and I am in LOVE.
Alixann Loosle is my photographer, and she is amazing.
I've been blog stalking her for quite some time now, so I was really excited when I had the opportunity to book her for my own wedding.

Having them back has been awesome, and also a small form of torture. I want to share them with everyone!
I'm in no way superstitious, I did not care a lick about Zane seeing me in my dress before the big day. Choosing to do my bridals with Zane is one of the smartest decisions I've made. BUT, I don't feel like I can just pass pictures around of me and my hubby-to-be in the full wedding dress get-up before the actual day.
I mean, I just can't. right?
So here I am. Sitting with an itch I can't scratch.

Sitting with this kid, as we look at our pictures once or twice.
Or maybe four times...


falling apart possibly

Waking up at 6 to loneliness, finals looming around the corner, busy Christmas preparations, a seemingly impossible full recovery from sickness, and planning a wedding I wish was yesterday, has begun to wear my sanity down. 
I think I cried 3 or 4 separate times yesterday. 

10 o'clock today there will only be 20 more days.
They can't pass fast enough.

If in the next 3 weeks you see my crying in my car, don't worry about it.
It's becoming a ritual of sorts.


same, same

Sometimes we match without trying to.
I even had a feeling when I put on that outfit that Zane would wear one similar.
Sure enough, I opened the door, and there he is. Sweatshirt and plaid. 
My sister said since it's christmas season and all, it was okay, and maybe even kind of cute to match. 
So we rocked the "twinner" look all day,
and loved it. 


bought myself a right to a hubby

Eternal happiness has a price people.
And here in Utah County, that price is 50 buckeroos. 

That's a bargin if you ask me.


first look

Zane and I took our "groomals" this weekend. 
(One of the smartest wedding related decisions I've made.) 

Walking down my hallway in my wedding dress, to my future hubby squeezing his eyes shut, felt a little like glorified prom. 

But his reaction made me feel like it was my wedding day. 

one month. 



Over this Thanksgiving holiday I, like everyone else, spent a lot of time thinking about what I'm really grateful for this year.

There certainly is a lot.
The long list contains things such as, my job, my healthy body, my cute new condo, the holiday season, yummy food, nature, and seat warmers.
I feel constantly overwhelmed with blessings. Big and small.

But there are 4 blessings in my life that stand above all the rest.

My beautiful best friends
They are such examples to me of love and acceptance. 
They've made this little life more fun, and bright.
They got me through the roller-coaster we call high school, and really, for that I will be forever grateful. 

My wonderful family
The new, and the original members. The immediate and the extended. 
They are so unbelievably loving and supportive. Since I have decided to get married, those qualities have begun to shine through every member more than ever, and everyday I am grateful. 
I am also thankful for the silly, adorable, little ones that keep everything simple. 

My perfect husband-to-be, Zane. 
He is everything I ever dreamed up, and so much more. 
He has truly made me the happiest girl in the world.
And every other cliche you can think of.
He is mine. 

Last, and most of all, I am grateful for the gospel
I am grateful to know what I know, 
and all of the blessings that come along with that knowledge.

Happy Thanksgiving.


engaged stuff

Being engaged and planning a wedding are not as fun as the media makes it appear.
They involve stress, frustration, insomnia, fatigue, tears, and more.

But it does have it's upsides, like bridal showers!

I had the my first bridal shower last weekend, and it was lovely. 
I am so blessed to have such a supportive family. Borup and O'Gwin. 

Yes, being engaged does have it's down sides, but let's talk about the upsides too. 
I'm surrounded by loved ones who are excited to celebrate with me, 
I get to enjoy my last moments of not being utterly newly-wed poor, 
and Zane and I get to be silly, flirty, and obnoxiously affectionate before we grow old together and mature into a different kind of love.  

life is good. being engaged is good.

Thanks again to my family for such a wonderful shower last Saturday!


come on people

Breaking Dawn was perfection.

Everyone on FB has been posting some controversial status updates.
I guess you either hated it, or loved it.
I obviously LOVED it.

Yes, it was very cheesy. I literally laughed out loud at certain scenes. Me and my friends all did. That didn't change how much we all loved it.
It definitely followed the book perfectly. So to be honest, I have no idea what else people expected.
I mean, the whole book is a cheesy. Goodness, it is a 100 year old VAMPIRE, falling in love with a 16 year old. Disastrous love triangle with a lady-voiced WARE-WOLF included. Far from literary brilliance. But it served it's purpose.
An entertaining guilty pleasure for almost every teenage girl, and some boys, in high school.
So when it came time to turn it into a motion picture, why is everyone expecting award worthy acting, directing, or screen writing?

What we ended with was a cheesy, guilty pleasure, movie masterpiece.

Get over it people. It's TWILIGHT for heavens sake. Don't try to make it into something it's not, just take it for the cheap thrills it's worth.
Take 5 of your best friends with you, and it'll become a perfectly silly night.

So there is my vote America.
Breaking Dawn was totally worth the 1 hour of sleep I had to run on the next morning. 
If you disagree, your comments are unwelcome.
If you agree, feel free to send me an amen!


it's a good life

Lets talk about 2 different events that are making me a very happy girl...

Zane and I got our first wedding gift! Two of my favorite aunts, Launa and Tammy, can't make it to my shower on Saturday, but they save lives for a living so it's okay.
And because they are the best, they still wanted to celebrate with me, so they were kind enough to take me out to dinner. We ate at CPK, and chatted for an hour or so.It was lovely, and on my way out they gave me two gifts to take home to my hubs-to-be to open together.
We were pretty excited. Although my family has been more than helpful already. My parents, and my grandparents have already donated time, gifts, and money into creating my perfect home. This was our first "official" gift, wrapped and all.
It felt like a historical moment, so we took a picture.

A vacuum and comforter have never been so exciting.
And if I look like I've been crying, it's because I had. I was just missing my dad that night, okay?! 

This morning at work I discovered I won this little competition they hold at my job! I was pretty proud, and I went to collect what I thought would be a dinky little prize. It turns out my job is pretty awesome, and I won a $50 gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond! Hello, that's where I'm registered! 
I am pretty sure it was fate.

And even though I went to work without a lick of make-up on and slicked my hair back, I had to take a picture of this moment.

Needless to say, I'm having a good day. 
Hope you are too!