My 2010

So it's the end of a decade.
I can't even believe how fast time flies.
It feels like yesterday when my dad bought me a quarter collection board for all the United States coins.

(Yes, for awhile I collected coins, and to this day I still check the back of quarters, okay?!)

He gave it to me in 2000, and the last year the quarters would be released was 2008. I remember thinking how far away 2008 was, I would be 16 by then!
It seemed like that day would never come and here we are already finished with 2010.

Lets review some of my highlights shall we?!

I attended my first festival of colors! I had been wanting to go for years but for some reason always missed it. This year I finally went, and it is a memory that will stay with me forever. I even got a picture of me crowd surfing placed in the newspaper! (above) Which my dad ordered and framed for me :)

Braden won his lacrosse state championship! Not only did Braden and I start dating in 2010, but I also learned to love lacrosse. (a seriously underrated sport in this state) I went to every game, once I started dating him, and each one was so much fun. But the state championship was obviously the best game of the season. :)

I turned 18! A legal adult now, enough said :)
This is a picture of my birthday lunch with some best friends.

I graduated from high school! That was definitely a bitter-sweet moment. High school was actually a lot of fun for me, of course it had it's painful parts, but  I mostly only have fond memories. I am happy to be done with those 3 years of my life though, and moving forward to whatever comes next.

I went to GREECE! This is more like a highlight for not only this past year, but for the rest of my life! I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to such an amazing place. My experience in Greece will definitely be one I will never forget. The trip also inspired a desire to travel more; I hope have another opportunity.

I went to DisneyWorld for the first time! Some might say I am a little to old to enjoy a trip like this, but it was actually a blast. I also got to bring Braden on this vacation, and he was a lot of fun to have around. 

Justin Beiber concert with CC. Another highlight that needs no explanation :)

I had a little scootering accident in the Provo Canyon... This may seem like it shouldn't make the highlight list, but I am probably going to have these scars on my knees and foot for my whole life. I want to remember how I got them.

I got accepted into Utah State, moved out of my house, moved to Logan into this lovely building you see here. Being in college is exciting (and kind of boring), I am happy to be onto the next stepping stone in my life. I can't wait to really learn, grow and become the adult I think I can be. I can't wait to discover and fall in love with a career. 

John Mayer/Owl City concert. Absolutely AMAZING. 
not really the Owl City part...

I died my hair brown. BIG DEAL. But I already wrote about this, if you would like a reminder, go read my thoughts on my Brown Hair entry.

I think that about sums up my 2010.
Longest blog entry ever right?!?

All in all, a perfect year.
I'll miss you 2010.


Christmas Summarized

Christmas is over.
Surprisingly Christmas is the day I probably take the least amount of pictures.
I decided I think Christmas should just be lived in the moment, since the joy of christmas is over so fast, and the best moments are in the anticipation before the actual day anyway.
so I don't worry about bringing out my camera in the morning to try and capture all the moments. 

But christmas was GREAT! 
on Christmas Eve we saw our traditional movie.
This year choosing the movie brought all sorts of contention and drama, but we finally all settled on "How Do You Know?"
The Latest Reese Witherspoon movie. I'm ashamed to say this was partially my idea.
The movie was TERRIBLE.
But on the positive side, Reese looked good.

Christmas day was good too. Opening presents with my family is always special. We had a lovely Borup side of the family breakfast, and then we went over to my Hirschi side and ate dinner and opened presents again, Braden was able to come too.
The whole day was perfect, I really loved spending all of that time with my family and other loved ones. 

Here are some pictures that I did take over the holiday...

The Borup side nativity. Yes I am Mary.

The family at PF Changs

Me and B on Christmas night

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! :)


Negative Blog

These days I feel like the only way to have a blog worth reading is to be, in some form or another, negative.

A long while ago I was talking to a friend of mind, who happens to write/perform VERY good music, and I said to him, "You are one angry kid." Cause he was/is.
and he said "Being angry is the only way to write music."
It sounds less profound now that I wrote it out like that... But I think it is relatively true.

Except I don't know anything about music...
so I am applying it to blogs.

The blogs I most enjoy reading involve either making fun of others, making fun of oneself, being extremely sarcastic, or just being plain mean.
(Never towards me the reader of course.)
This might say a lot, and nothing good, about my character...

but I think it applies to more than just me out there, don't be ashamed to admit it people!

In the real world, I am almost embarrassed to say, that I fit most of these requirements quite a bit of the time.
(I tell myself people find it endearing.)
But the point is,
In the blog world, I continue to fail at succeeding.

Probably because I am happy, and I try to be a nice person.
And my desire for comments and followers isn't going to drag down my integrity!

So whatever. Don't comment on my not funny or interesting blog.
It's FINE.


Beth Borup

Today is my Mom's birthday.

Isn't she pretty??
Remind you of anyone... :) hehe

My mom is absolutely amazing, I don't even know where to start.

She is the most generous person. She is willing to give the clothes off her back to anyone who needs it. She has given whatever she can for my sister's and my happiness.
Not only ours, but ward members, Braden, my friends, and even strangers.
She once paid for a strangers hotel room, who was down in Florida while BriAnne was, when he didn't have a place to stay that first night. No one asked her to do that, but it wouldn't surprise anyone who knows her that she did it anyway.

She is so smart. She has dedicated her life to education. Graduating from BYU with a masters degree and going on to be a professor there herself.
It is because of her example that I have come to love, and really value my education. She is the reason I graduated from high school, am going to college with a scholarship, and will one day graduate with a masters degree of my own.
I hope :)

She is also one of my best friends.
I am so blessed to have a mom that I can talk to. I love laying on her bed at night and talking to her about school and friends, or sometimes crying about trials and hurt feelings. I know that although she has high expectations for her children, that if we ever failed she would be there to catch us and love us just the same.

She is a perfect mom, and wife. She is selfless, a hard worker, funny, strong, kind, smart, independent, talented, and beautiful.

I get told all of the time that I am JUST like my mom.
Well I don't think so.

But I can't think of a higher compliment.

Some moments with Mom..

I love you so much. 
I hope you have a good birthday! 
I am glad I could be home from school to celebrate with you.
One day when I have kids of my own, I hope I am truly just like you. 
Thank you for everything you do for me and our family.


Bri vs. Brooke

Clean, clean, clean.
Pack, pack, pack.
Move, move, move.
Study, study, study.
Sleep, sleep, sleep.

That is all I do these days.
(notice I didn't mention shower... I don't)

It's time to go home.

Me and my sisters blogs are in a bit of a fight.
I do not want any snow until thursday night.
But my sister wrote a letter to utah on her blog asking him? it? her? for snow and I look out my window and everything is white.
Bri- 1
Brooke- 0

I think utah likes her more because she wrote them a formal letter.

I like snow and all around christmas time, but here's the thing, I need to be able to make it home safely to my loved ones in Orem. I will be making my trip Thursday midmorning/afternoon. So if you would keep any sort of precipitation to a minimum until Thursday evening, I would appreciate it. "The best snow on earth" doesn't have to apply to the whole month of December, just kick it up a notch like a week before Christmas. Thank you!


The Historical Weekend!

Yep, that's right, I actually stayed the whole weekend.
I know you all doubted me. 

I've managed to stay in Logan for what will be almost 2 weeks when I finally go home to Orem. And not only did I stay, but I actually really enjoyed myself. 

Friday I went and cleaned the sink with my USU family. It is an aggie tradition to go to the local restaurant Angies and order this sink over flowing with ice cream. If you complete the task, you get a sticker. We were pretty proud :) We then played some karaoke, and of course some cards.

Saturday I went to the basketball game. It was my first USU basketball game ever, and let me tell you, I was a little startled. 
We are so MEAN! I was almost embarrassed by our lack of good sportsmanship. 
We turn our backs when the names of the opposing team players are announced. When someone fouls on one of our players we chant "you you you you you you SUCK!"'; thousands of students dressed in blue screaming that at you has throw off your game. 
My personal favorite part is when "crazy Bill" dresses up in a costume to distract the other team when they make free throws. He does a little jig and we all chant "You like Bill, You like Bill" This game he dressed up as a fireman. The time before that he was Winnie the pooh..
And somewhere in between being up by 20 points at all times, and the crazy student section, my embarrassment turns into school pride. 

That would be Bill. HAAWT.

Sunday was church with a lovely christmas program, studying, cards and movies with my best friends. 

It was such a fun weekend, I am so glad I decided to finally stay. I hope that I will be able to do it more often.
BUT, after all the fun, I am more than ready to be back home!
Finals week could not go any slower...

I Want to Go Back

Sometimes when I talk to my sister on skype I want to go back here...

Oh mykonos..

Or maybe finally go here..

Nice, France. I dream about you.

You would have to know Bri to understand. 

Or maybe it's just because the weekend is over, and finals start tomorrow...

I miss Greece. 


This Week

Classes are OVER!
I never have to go to another statistics class in my life, or any other math class!
There are few things in this world that make me as happy as that sentence. 
Although now I have to prepare for finals, which is a little stressful, classes being over trumps finals any day.

Technically today is the day that I begin my first weekend here, but I consider my weekend starting last night. I had fun dressing up in christmas sweaters, eating cookies and pizza, and playing cards with my friends all night; without having to worry about waking up for my classes the next morning! It was a good start to what I am hoping will be a fun weekend.

The best friends

My 4th floor gang

Don't worry Braden and my parents, I will be studying too. I've been studying a little bit at least everyday. And I plan on really buckling down Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The roommates have also talked about having Skipper's fiance coming over and giving all of us blessings for finals week. 

Along with preparing for finals, and having a good time, room 404 has 4 roommates moving out, 4 new roommates moving in, and I am trading rooms. So we have a lot of moving out and in to do. And before anyone can move in or out we have to DEEP clean our dorm. Housing rules. We had to do this earlier in the year and it was some serious cleaning... I am a little stressed about getting that all done in time for me to be out of here, as soon as possible, so I can start my christmas break!

So wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts this week!
I am addicted to blogging so I am sure I will be updating you as I go. 

You are all on the edges of your seats I'm sure. 


Bridal Shower

The Ladies of room 404, plus Nikki, had a little bridal shower for Skipper yesterday.
It was a huge success thanks to Barbie's hidden party throwing skills!

It was so much fun. We made her a dress out of toilet paper. Which we all took very seriously, or maybe that was just me...
Although I didn't do a great deal of actual taping and toilet paper constructing, I would like to give myself a great deal of credit for some "say yes to the dress" worthy design suggestions. Being a bit of a dictator is a characteristic I fail to hide very well, but apparently I've done a great job of keeping my clothing design skills secret.

Those are little flowers on her train

The finished product with all the girls!

We did a newlywed 20 questions game with her fiance, typical of course, but very adorable. We ate lots of skittles and starbursts. We opened slightly inappropriate gifts, and had slightly inappropriate conversations. Then we went on a slightly inappropriate scavenger hunt/dare night.

It was full of tender roommate bonding moments :)
And of course, I would now like to be married and have multiple bridal showers thrown in my honor.

all 6 roommates

The cutie opening her gifts
Me and Skipper.

 I will missing having her around but I am so excited for her!
I wish Skipper and her future hubby the best!


Just a quick photo my Dad took and sent me to prove to my sister, and anyone else who doubts me, that I did eat at PF Changs :)



For the first time since I moved up to Logan, I didn't take a single picture this weekend. 

I ate at P.F. Changs with my parents and Braden, and for the first time ever I really enjoyed it. Chinese food, me?! 

I went to the first Bridal shower of my recollection. Congrats Poe!

I watched 8 episodes of Avatar; the Last Air Bender for the first time. Give it a chance people! 

And drum roll please...

For the first time ever I am going to STAY IN LOGAN this weekend!

Now I have said this so many times before that when I told my dad he just laughed at me. But I'm tellin you, it's really gonna happen this time. 
I'm determined. 

Feel free to be impressed with me and all my firsts.
I'm awesome. 

Me and Ang probably fighting the fire nation


Summary of Two Lives.

Disneyland was a success! After my night of rest, I woke up ready for the best day of disney yet. I had such a good time with my family. I am thankful for my dad for taking me and my sister for all the sweeeeet hookups :)

Braden was sweet enough to drive me up to Logan, since I had to wake up at 5 and endure a 10 hour car ride moments before I faced what I thought would be another 2 hours in the car, in the dark, in the snow, all alone, back to USU. Instead, Braden saved me and the drive was fast and safe.
I had so much fun having him up here for a little while. I was excited to have him see a little of my life here in Logan and have my friends in Logan see a bit of my Orem life. I introduced him to my roommates and friends, and showed him around a little bit. Everyone loved him, DUH! :)

Now that he is gone I am just having fun with my roommates and friends all week. Nikki is subbing as my roommate for a few days since Lysha checked out on Wednesday. We have had a good time getting into the christmas spirit around here and decorated our little dorm to the nines. It is practically oozing christmas spirit. We have hours of girl talk and watch ABC Family or the CW endlessly.
I also got to meet two of my new roommates that will be moving-in in January. They were so sweet and cute, it made me excited for the next semester.
The friends and I are planning on another fun night tonight, maybe sledding down old main hill, or dinner at Angies!
Weeks like this one remind me how much I love my life here at USU.

I am also excited for this weekend home. And more than this weekend, I am excited for my Christmas break! I still love being in Orem too.

You know what they say, two is always better than one...
Two homes.
Two families.
Two little lives :)
I'm Lucky to live two perfect lives, my Orem life and my Logan life.
I wish there was an easy way to combine the two into one, but I can't really complain.
I have it good.




Im impressed if you actually made it to the end. I realize that was long and boring, but it's MY blog OKAY!?


The Happiest Place on Earth

I am lame.
Here I am in my hotel room by myself during my family vacation to Disneyland.
And even more lame than being in a hotel all alone, is the fact that I actually WANT to be here. 
I have been having fun, don't get me wrong, I am just having a hard time finding my inner child. 

My sister works for Disney. Specifically on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyworld.
She is a master at finding her inner chid.
She never gets sick of disney. 
Although my Dad, cousin Nick, and I are doing the best we can to keep up with Bri, (them more than me I'm ashamed to admit.) I am pretty sure she is wishing she had a more exciting group with her right now to enjoy the magic. 
Who can blame her? I am sitting in the hotel...

But after two days of lines, smells, rides, motion, people, walking, standing, eating, aching feet, ect. I am getting a little worn out. 
Not to mention the fact that because Nick and my dad snore. (Loudly. in unison.)
And the people in the room next to us are very loud at night, I am not getting very much sleep. 
Nothing kills my inner child faster than lack of sleep and aching feet. 

So here I am, taking a bubble bath, eating a blue berry muffin, and sitting on Facebook being LAME.  
And I am loving it. 

I have a new found respect for those 18 and older who can still manage to find their inner child. Kudos to you. 

As for me, I am going to stick to being lame. Don't judge me. 

Some pictures to prove I did leave this hotel room..

My inner child at it's best