The Historical Weekend!

Yep, that's right, I actually stayed the whole weekend.
I know you all doubted me. 

I've managed to stay in Logan for what will be almost 2 weeks when I finally go home to Orem. And not only did I stay, but I actually really enjoyed myself. 

Friday I went and cleaned the sink with my USU family. It is an aggie tradition to go to the local restaurant Angies and order this sink over flowing with ice cream. If you complete the task, you get a sticker. We were pretty proud :) We then played some karaoke, and of course some cards.

Saturday I went to the basketball game. It was my first USU basketball game ever, and let me tell you, I was a little startled. 
We are so MEAN! I was almost embarrassed by our lack of good sportsmanship. 
We turn our backs when the names of the opposing team players are announced. When someone fouls on one of our players we chant "you you you you you you SUCK!"'; thousands of students dressed in blue screaming that at you has throw off your game. 
My personal favorite part is when "crazy Bill" dresses up in a costume to distract the other team when they make free throws. He does a little jig and we all chant "You like Bill, You like Bill" This game he dressed up as a fireman. The time before that he was Winnie the pooh..
And somewhere in between being up by 20 points at all times, and the crazy student section, my embarrassment turns into school pride. 

That would be Bill. HAAWT.

Sunday was church with a lovely christmas program, studying, cards and movies with my best friends. 

It was such a fun weekend, I am so glad I decided to finally stay. I hope that I will be able to do it more often.
BUT, after all the fun, I am more than ready to be back home!
Finals week could not go any slower...


  1. I had my doubts, I admit, but you finally stay a weekend and made it look easy. ;)

  2. Wahoo!! Sounds like so much fun!!