Alive, Smart, and Funny

I am alive.
My mom called yesterday concerned because I have barely posted anything (blog or facebook) about my life in a few days, she was wondering if I am alive. I am.

The reason I was less media active (if you can call a day or two inactive) was because I was studying for the two exams I took today.
I don't know my scores yet, but basically I aced 'em!

I am feelin' pretty smart today.

And I am soaking up every minuet of this feeling, because tomorrow I have a quiz in Stats that I am not so confident about... This feeling is going to fade, so lets enjoy it while we can.
(by we I mean mostly me)

While floating around on my smart cloud nine, I visited the USU bookstore with Alysha.
We both walked away with two new shirts, which we deemed necessities,   to show our school spirit at the BYU vs. USU football game tomorrow!

It will be our first game, and we are very excited, hence our shopping spree.
(Payed for with my own cash and some aggie bucks, mom and dad, don't worry.)

I don't know aaaaanything about football. I have absolutely no idea if USU is likely to win.
But if we don't, at least I will look cute, right?!

That's a motto to live by if you ask me :)

Now, a little disclaimer before you look at the pictures below..
It is all in good humor, it's funny, relaaax!

come on, it's funny!





There is a girl who lives down the hall from me, who met this young man a little over a week ago, and 8 days later, is also engaged.


The Next Two Years

Soo one of my roommates got engaged this weekend.

(because I will be posting information about people on the internet for everyone in the world to see without them knowing about it, I am going to start using fake names.)

Lets call her Skipper.

The nuptials are scheduled for December, and Skipper is very excited! We all are!
I have a childhood friend, we will call her Poe, who is also getting married in December.

Another roommate, who will remain nameless for now, is also very seriously considering getting married this summer. ( you know who you are :) )

I feel like marriage is surrounding me. I immediately check people's left ring finger when I meet them, boy or girl, and more often than not there will be a pretty little ring there.

So I'm finding myself a little out of place, to my families relief I am sure, because I am so far away from jumping on the marriage train.
I'd say I am at least TWO years away. For those of you who can't, or are too lazy to do the math, that is somewhere around 21. Reasonable don't you think?

The thing is, two years is rather far away, and with marriage snatching up friends left and right, I am going to be very alone, very bored, for very long, very soon.
(run on sentence?)

So the task for you, my readers :), is to help me come up with some really amazing things to do for the next two years. I need your best pearls of knowledge people, and be specific.

i.e. "I think you should do a study abroad in New Zealand fall semester."


i.e. "I think you should spend 35,000 dollars to go on a submarine to visit the Titanic wreck."

This means for those of you who read this blog, but do not have an account so you cannot comment, that you need to make an account. Pleeeease?

Skipper's Ring. 

Thank You!


Communication and Sheep

Today in my Journalism and Communications class we had a guest speaker.
Her name is Julie Hollist, and she was brilliant.
She works for the Cache Valley Visitors Bureau.

Basically she told us about what she does, and her advice on how to be successful in life, specifically in a communications major;
Which, for those of you who don't know, is my major.

She was hilarious, clever, and smart. It was the best class I've been to since college started.

More importantly, it was the first day I really felt like I belonged in the major I've chosen.

I took two pages of notes simply on this lady's thoughts, none of which most people would consider profound, but I loved it. Everything she said was thought provoking, and inspiring, at least for me. I turned around at one point and saw a girl pretending to shoot herself in the head implying her extreme boredom, which is when I think I realized obviously not everyone in the class was feeling the same as I was, because this is MY major.

Which is why I won't bore you with all the things she taught me, some of which I'm pretty sure my mom has been telling me my whole life, because this isn't your major. its MINE.
But I will say she said to learn how to write intelligently, and that ANY practice you can get involved in you should take advantage of; like blogging! eh eh?

The point is, the class was amazing.

(I will feel slightly embarrassed if one day I change my major to something so different than what I am raving about right now)

In other news, only at USU would you find students practicing for their RODEO club on the quad; with actual sheep, and bails of hay.
Because I have no pictures of today, here is a picture of me with some sheep. 

Maybe I should join the Rodeo Club?



I just got back to USU last night after a perfect weekend at home.
It was so perfect that I had a hard time saying goodbye. I probably cried just as much or more this weekend than the day I actually moved out. Trust me, it's a lot of tears.

So lets sum up my weekend so you can have a glimpse of the perfection.

Friday. The main event is my best friend, C.C.
My queen.
It was my high schools homecoming football game and she made it into homecoming royalty! (no surprise there) She looked absolutely beautiful, and the moment we saw each other we both got emotional and may or may not have shed a few tears.
(we missed each other okay?!)
There was no winning title, but she's my queen :)

Saturday. Finally got to cut and color my hair. It was beginning to look a little like mystery hair. But the main event was the STATE FAIR!
Braden, Jesse, Alysha and I all went together.
The boys were not very excited..
It was kind of silly, dirty, and definitely smelly. But we had a lot of fun, and riding the Zipper made it all worth while.

Sunday. Stewart Falls!
Braden and I have been talking about hiking to Stewart Falls all summer long, but we never got around to it. Braden's brother Chris and his wife Treg had planned on going sunday afternoon, and Braden, Jesse, Alysha and I decided to tag along. It was so beautiful with all the leaves changing colors for fall. I loved it. 

Me and My Queen

The State Fair!

The Amazing Hike!

It was a perfect weekend, but after a long drive, an excedrin PM (for all the crying), and good nights sleep, I'm ready for another week of real life! 


Things my mother taught me

Beth (my mom) and Jill (Alysha's mom) would be proud mama bears if they could see us today.
Although I doubt my mom would be impressed with my unmade bed, she would be proud of the clean bathroom, and my dust free room.

Alysha and I have cleaned our dorm bathrooms twice now. Yes, scrubbing the toilet, wiping the mirrors, and picking the hair out of the sink drain with our bare fingers.

And because I am my mothers daughter, I also dust my room.

It is a surprisingly dirty job.. We apparently are 6 dirty girls.

I know I am a pretty clean person, as far as teenagers go, and if mine is this bad, I seriously wonder about all the other students dorms...

but that is for someone else's mother to worry about. My mom, on the other hand, should be reassured that she can now worry about other things.
 ( and anyone who knows her will tell you she won't have any problems with that :)..)

The Proof

I love you mom, and Jill! Thanks for all the life lessons :)


To sum it up

There are a few things I will never be able to capture in this blog that I wish I could..

The smell of lysha's toots...... sometimes mine.
(sorry mom)

The sound of me sniffling every 5 seconds.

Whitney's voice coming through the walls.

All the laughing, especially Alyshas :)

That would sum up the past couple days pretty perfectly.
It almost sums up everyday actually.

So use your imagination.


These are the issues people

Me and Alysha went grocery shopping again today because we have quickly learned no one shares, but us.
The fridge is overflowing with food, which includes 6 milk cartons people!! There are only six people living in this dorm, and me and lysha share milk. Do the math; someone has TWO cartons in there! Also, there are 3 ketchup bottles, 5 bottles of mayo, and 4 bottles of ranch.. Share is not in these girl's vocabulary. And we have discussed it, believe me. I once brought up the topic of maybe sharing milk, but I was quickly shot down.

It is a roomie eat roomie world up here.

I honestly am scared of one or two of them..
One roomate marks where she last left her milk with a line.. Like any of us would dare use some and find out what happens when she returns to milk below the line.

I've been googling prices of mini fridges. Only 100 bucks dad, what do you say? ;)

These are the college issues people!

The milk.

 Jenna always shares her milk with me. Sweetheart. 

 I have a pus pocket in my throat, but on the bright side, I do not have strep. 


Buses and Cheese

I once read on Bri's blog about her experience of getting on the bus at the end of the day in Disneyworld.
It was hilarious, and almost unbelievable.

Today I discovered that the shuttle system at USU, when it's pouring rain, looks very similar.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful, today it is freezing and wet. No one seems to be prepared for the weather change, so when I reach the bus stop at 8:30, there is already quite a crowd waiting in line. By the time the bus gets to the stop it is about 8:40. The wet students load up into the bus, and there are already no seats available; I am standing, and snow hall is the first stop on the bus route. Although the bus is what you and I would call full, the bus driver makes 3 more stops, thinking that there is still room for the crowd of 20 at each stop. This is a process, and by the time we reach our 4th stop, it is now 9 o'clock. The time that every student in that bus's classes start.


I'm pressed up against strangers, rain is coming through the opened emergency escape hatch on the ceiling of the bus, and I'm 10 minuets late to class.

At 3 o'clock when I am done with classes for the day. I am sopping wet from walking around campus, and the bus ride home is exactly the same.

And the only thing I can think about is how much worse it's going to be in the winter...

I unfortunately do not have any pictures that I can get onto my computer to show you. I will one day.

I still love it here. Don't worry, sitting in my dorm in an oversized sweatshirt with 3 too many servings of mac and cheese makes everything better :)


The Real O.C.

I spent my Labor Day weekend in O town and visited family and friends.

At my families traditional sunday get togethers at my grandmas, my mom made a little speech about how crying is manipulative, and we should try to control it. This coming from the woman who taught me that tears and Ibuprofen fix everything made the whole family laugh. And to no surprise on my way out the door monday evening, my dear mother breaks into tears, which of course makes me start to cry too. (Dad held it together and chuckled at his tender girls as always.)
I wonder if my mother and I will ever make a weekend visit home without crying..

The point of this is really just to say that I love my family, and I loved my weekend at home..

and that I hope my parents are ready to pay for some gas :)

But it's their fault. If everyone wasn't so charming, giving, loving and extremely attractive I wouldn't feel the need to come back to them.
But they are, and I do.

Can you really blame me??

I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't mention Braden too. That little variable also makes Orem look pretty good when I'm sitting up here.

I have more to say, but I will save it for tomorrow.

unless I become addicted to blogging like I am to facebooking, then I will post again in about 30 min.

                           Everything is better with a picture.


so this is a blog..

So this is what all the fuss is about.
I feel like I'm writing to no one, like speaking into air (Which I basically am since no one will be reading this).
This is for you Sisa, and for any other family members who are curious, but mostly it's for Bri. You talked me into this.

I am officially a grown woman, moved out and in college. Technically mom and dad pay for everything I do, but that minor detail doesn't fit into my definition of independence and womanhood. Although, I'm pretty sure it fits in theirs.

I am a freshman at Utah State University. Go Aggies?

My sister informed me before I moved out that this experience would be a rough and lonely one for at least a week, but I will have been here for a week tomorrow, and it's been a breeze! Sorry for those of you who suffer or suffered the first week freshman blues, but I am so much happier than you!
Classes are great,  the roomies are sweethearts (that is my stance for now, and I reserve the right to go back on this statement at anytime), and the new friends are so much fun!

I am pretty sure I don't have what it takes to write a blog, at least not one worth reading, but I'm doing it anyway; for Bri, my lovely sister who I love 98% of the time. I'm a grown up now, I don't miss you.


Read my stupid blog or no one else will.

My roommate (Alysha) will be home soon, and I have to be done with this before then.
I am pretty sure I'm ashamed? Is that normal for a beginning blogger?