I just got back to USU last night after a perfect weekend at home.
It was so perfect that I had a hard time saying goodbye. I probably cried just as much or more this weekend than the day I actually moved out. Trust me, it's a lot of tears.

So lets sum up my weekend so you can have a glimpse of the perfection.

Friday. The main event is my best friend, C.C.
My queen.
It was my high schools homecoming football game and she made it into homecoming royalty! (no surprise there) She looked absolutely beautiful, and the moment we saw each other we both got emotional and may or may not have shed a few tears.
(we missed each other okay?!)
There was no winning title, but she's my queen :)

Saturday. Finally got to cut and color my hair. It was beginning to look a little like mystery hair. But the main event was the STATE FAIR!
Braden, Jesse, Alysha and I all went together.
The boys were not very excited..
It was kind of silly, dirty, and definitely smelly. But we had a lot of fun, and riding the Zipper made it all worth while.

Sunday. Stewart Falls!
Braden and I have been talking about hiking to Stewart Falls all summer long, but we never got around to it. Braden's brother Chris and his wife Treg had planned on going sunday afternoon, and Braden, Jesse, Alysha and I decided to tag along. It was so beautiful with all the leaves changing colors for fall. I loved it. 

Me and My Queen

The State Fair!

The Amazing Hike!

It was a perfect weekend, but after a long drive, an excedrin PM (for all the crying), and good nights sleep, I'm ready for another week of real life! 

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  1. Parting tears are a great way of showing people you care. I will be sad if that changes.