Alive, Smart, and Funny

I am alive.
My mom called yesterday concerned because I have barely posted anything (blog or facebook) about my life in a few days, she was wondering if I am alive. I am.

The reason I was less media active (if you can call a day or two inactive) was because I was studying for the two exams I took today.
I don't know my scores yet, but basically I aced 'em!

I am feelin' pretty smart today.

And I am soaking up every minuet of this feeling, because tomorrow I have a quiz in Stats that I am not so confident about... This feeling is going to fade, so lets enjoy it while we can.
(by we I mean mostly me)

While floating around on my smart cloud nine, I visited the USU bookstore with Alysha.
We both walked away with two new shirts, which we deemed necessities,   to show our school spirit at the BYU vs. USU football game tomorrow!

It will be our first game, and we are very excited, hence our shopping spree.
(Payed for with my own cash and some aggie bucks, mom and dad, don't worry.)

I don't know aaaaanything about football. I have absolutely no idea if USU is likely to win.
But if we don't, at least I will look cute, right?!

That's a motto to live by if you ask me :)

Now, a little disclaimer before you look at the pictures below..
It is all in good humor, it's funny, relaaax!

come on, it's funny!


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