Just an Update

First of all, lets start by saying..
USU totally dominated BYU for the first time in 17 years!! 

I really am not that big of a football fan, but being at that game was so much fun!
I got to sit front row at the 50 yard line! 
(without having to wait in any lines, some people were upset, but it just goes to show what some good womanly wiles will get you :)..)
I was so close I could talk to the football players, in my inside voice, and they could hear me. 
I didn't really talk to any of them.
I got to wear my new shirt, get tossed in the air 31 times, pretty much be apart of history, and make multiple appearances on ESPN!

I am basically famous. 

After my 3 hour encounter with history and fame, I headed home for conference weekend.
I don't really feel comfortable talking about religion on the world wide web, 
but I will say that conference was amazing.
I am so happy and blessed that I belong to the LDS church. 

Another perfect weekend. 

Now back to school! 

By the way, I did get my sores back for my journalism and communications class. 
JCOM, if you will,
and I did ACE it! Another moment to bask in my smart glory before I take another Stats test..

A Stats midterm actually.. 

I have a feeling this will be a slow and kind of painful school week.

But I'm tough :)

some pictures for proof. As always.

Me and the Roomie

My USU family


  1. womanly wiles? Sounds a little risque, but nice alliteration. Looked like a fun game!

  2. Need more details on the wiles.

  3. The wiles are more like a little smile, a touch on the arm, and a batt of the eye lashes. Nothing risque :) haha

  4. She does the same thing to the manager of Apollo Burger, which basically gets us extra fries every time we go. You're too charming for your own good, B.