school is cool

I had forgotten how much I enjoy school.
I am only going part time, since I work full time and enjoy my sanity, but being back in the classroom is such a great feeling.

I read somewhere recently, that if men and women think that their marriage will fulfill all their social and emotional needs, they are sorely mistaken. You need more than a spouse for a well-rounded life.
I have always valued my relationships with friends, and family, I've even learned the value in working, but over the summer it seems I forgot how fulfilling school can be. As I sat in my English class last night I realized how much my very soul needed to be in that environment again.

So yes, I am the annoying girl in the front of the class, constantly making comments, asking questions and  walking out of class smiling from ear to ear.
Although it seems moving at my pace means I will graduate in 30 years, I feel so grateful for the opportunity to attend college, even in the smallest proportions.

I hope everyone else is enjoying being back to school as much as I am.
I mostly hope I can keep this attitude up all semester.


hungry hungry catipillar

Today, most days, I am hungry.

House hungry, puppy hungry, baby hungry, and just plain hungry hungry.

Hello dream kitchen. You are white, and triple the size of the cupboard I currently call my kitchen.

Herrooo puppy. I adore you, even though my friend Lynn thinks you look like a sweater with eyes.

Hello little nuggie santa. I want you for Christmas.

Helloooo Rice-a-Roni, my San Fransico treat.

So many things to look forward to. One very very far away day. If I'm lucky.
In the mean time, Rice-a-Roni, I will see you at dinner.



Today I begin working full time, for the first time. I know, woe is me, you've all been doing it for years. But I'm seriously not confident I will survive the day.
Plus, I'm back to the good ol' 7 AM shift, or as I've dubbed it, Black Mornings. 
Today I also, like everyone else, start another semester of school.

Goodbye summer, goodbye childhood.

On the bright side, hello layering, boots, and the holiday season!


quality television

I've heard the name Honey Boo-boo child a lot lately, and am only sad I didn't youtube her until now.
TLC, you never let me down. Seriously. Watch the entire video, you won't regret it. 

You're welcome.


121 west

With the new Bourne movie coming out, I had a sudden realization that I had never seen the first 3. This was obviously a great travesty that needed to be fixed quickly. So we borrowed the movies from Mama O'Gwin and had ourselves a slumber party.
We moved our mattress out into the family room, and ate overly salted popcorn.

Needless to say, the Bourne movies were totally awesome. The 3rd is my personal fav. Matt Damon before he got old and soft, I'm a fan.

There is something about the whole mattress of the floor thing that Zane and I grew attached to. It stayed out in the family room for 3 nights, returned to it's proper bed frame for a couple hours, and is back on the floor again. It's just so comfy!

Memories like these are good ones, and we're making them quickly because unfortunately we won't be here for much longer.
I have a bitter-sweet announcement, Zane and I are moving into my parent's basement. wah-wah-waaaaaa...

We had our eyes opened up to all the money we could save in a couple months of not paying rent, and we just couldn't ignore it. Plus, Zane's school schedule is looking like an all day, 5 days a week, extravaganza, making working full time a little impossible.
My parents also happen to be pretty great roommies. I thoroughly enjoyed Ben and Beth for 18 years.

In reality, I am so blessed to have a family who supports Zane and me, and is willing to share their home with us. Temporarily.

I love our little condominium, but to comfort myself at this time of need, I'm focusing on the things I loath.
Like the fact that the swamp cooler is the worst thing that has ever happened to my hair, and my clothes. I live in a constant state of frizz and wrinkles. Humidity has never been a friend of mine.
The girl who lives upstairs, who does a lot of what I can only assume is jumping. Not going to miss the daily shaking of our light fixtures.
The office door that we are certain has expanded dramatically since we moved in, it literally will not shut anymore.
The fact that my plates are too big to fit inside any of my cupboards, and my oven drawer falls out every time we open it.
The fiesta's our neighbors throw them selves. every. night. giving me flash backs of the time I spent in Tijuana.

All of the above will not be missed.
but everything else, a list that would be much longer, will.

It was our first home, and I'm confident the memories made here will always be some of my favorites.



Zane and I treated ourselves to a weekend in Park City to celebrate summer, and his 26th year of life. It was lovely to get away from work, and school. Honestly, even a day away from the family we adore was wonderful.
We mostly shopped, and ate. Which is perfect, because they happen to be my two favorite past times.
Over the last year, Zane has become my best friend. Doing anything, or nothing with him, makes a good day, and doing nothing particular in Park City made a great weekend. 

Shopping Main Street

Zane's dinner

My delicious dinner that looks like it came off the kids menu. 

I day dreamed about living in this house one day. 

 visiting the olympic park. 
you should check it out if you're ever in the neighborhood.

It was short, and simple, and everything we needed. 


blog closed

Because last week Zane's birthday fell on finals week, and a work day, we decided to put off truly celebrating. 
Now Zane is officially finished with summer semester. Thus, we are out forgetting all worries, and simply celebrating this boys presence in the world. After all, that presence is only the biggest blessing in my life. 

Will be back in a day or so.


iphone shmiphone

Lets talk about the ways I thought having an iphone would change my life, but hasn't.

1. Maps. I thought for sure that having the map app on my phone would make it possible for me, being directionally challenged, to drive somewhere other than Orem. False. I've discovered it's really difficult to drive, and look at the tiny map directions on your phone at the same time.
Also, Im afraid if the phone reads left, and I turn right thinking it's left, only revisiting the lesson in kindergarten on how to make an "L" with my index finger and thumb, will fix that 1st world problem. Thus, I am still getting lost is Provo. Easily, and often.

2. I don't have to stare at my drink and internet-less phone while my family and friends play all the cool games around the dinner table.
It turns out Draw Something, and Words with Friends are now "out", making me very last season and only capable of forcing my husband to play games with me.
It's like I finally bought the poncho I've been so excited about, only to realize no one else at the table is wearing a freaking poncho.

3. Siri sucks.

On the bright side, I think I have finally figured out how to "hash-tag", though I'm still clear on the purpose.


what a guy

Saturday morning my dad completed his first century race, the UCLER, at Thanksgiving Point.
In reality, my dad and a few of his friends just signed up for fun. They didn't want to "race". To them this meant a nice long ride with water stops, medical support, and free lunch.
Still, I insisted I would be there to support my dad at the finish line.

 Crossing the very anti-climatic finish line

His super cool finishers medal I insisted he pick up. 

I couldn't be more proud of my sweet dad. The details of his time are still up in the air at this point. What really matters is this 50 years-young guy finished, with no medical attention and a smile on his face.

He may have thought me coming to see him finish was a silly idea, but I know he was happy to have me there at the end to give his disgustingly salty cheek a congratulatory kiss, and a hug. 

My parents are still young, but when the hopefully very far away day comes that they are no longer here with me, I will be comforted by the fact that I am able to honestly say, I knew them, I supported them, and I loved them. 


whether its life, or just swimming, always do your best

I haven't been watching the Olympics.
I know, it's like admitting you don't keep up with the news. Doesn't exactly make me sound like a well educated, or involved American citizen.

This is what I do know about the Olympics this year. Ryan Lochte, athletic, pretty, but mostly pretty stupid.

This has been entertaining my co-workers and me all morning.

Is it weird that I like him even more after this video? 
Turns out being empty between the ears is kind of endearing.

"I can't wait till I finish swimming, so I can go to the market to, do a little shopping"


some new habits

Recently I've grown into a habit watching way too much Private Practice on Netflix. I already flew through Grey's, so it's only natural I've found myself here.
I am also currently enjoying watching old seasons of The Biggest Loser. Team Bob!
It only takes so many episodes of ridiculously skinny actresses, and ridiculously large people getting skinny, before I finally get myself to the gym.

In addition, Zoo Story, Bakery Story, and Pet Hotel Story are currently taking over my life and killing my phone battery. worth it.

Apparently the only thing not consuming my time, is blogging.
Must. Find. Motivation.