Hurricane Sandy

 {Photo's found here.}

Nothing reminds us faster of all the goodness, and strength found in America's people
 than when we face disaster together. 
 A reminder I think so many of us sadly needed when surrounded by all the hate of the up-coming election. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by hurricane Sandy.
Lets hope the worst is over. 


i love love love love you

This year I am welcoming fall, and winter for that matter, with wide open arms. I'm so in love with this season, I am ready to write it a steamy love letter. And maybe a letter to boots, coats, sweaters, long socks, scarfs, hot chocolate, and fireplaces too, for making me the happiest lady on earth.

Last weekend I was able to participate in one of the biggest salutes to fall here in Utah County, Cornbelly's. Zane, Nate, Sagan, and I went for the classic corn maze. I couldn't let October pass me by without a corn maze. But I was a little disappointed to find the stalks were no higher than my waist...  
"How in the world will we find our way out?", "Oh, look, there's the exit, looks like we just have to turn left here, and right over there. See those people waving to us at the finish?", "What a challenge, I thought I'd never make it out!"
The haunted house ended up being the highlight of the night. Zane's smashed toes can testify to that. But who can be bothered to open their eyes, and walk straight, when they are simply trying to escape with their life?

I'm grateful for the fall season, and all the festivities it brings along with it, even short corn stalks. I'm grateful for Nate, and Sagan, the only double date buddies we really have these days. We couldn't ask for more perfect, or better looking, companions. I'm grateful for date night. And for the cutest coat I've ever owned.

Hello Fall! Welcome, make yourself comfortable, and stay awhile will ya?


a weakness

At Utah State I had a brilliant roommate who introduced Walmart $5 movies into my life; The red bin found in the back of the store where Nicholas Sparks movies go to die.

It has since become somewhat of a tradition to buy at least one $5 movie every time I found myself in Walmart, a tradition I carried into marriage. Since my husband is somewhat of a movie buff, the tradition took effortlessly.
At this point, I'm afraid it's become more of an addiction. Quite literally.
If Zane and I never save enough money to get out of the parental's basement, you can bet your bottom dollar Walmart $5 movies will be the root of that tragedy.
 $5 movies are the Sirens to our Odysseus.

The most recent purchases include the original animated short films of Dr. Suesses classics, such as The Star-Bellied Sneetches. The Sixth Sense, in honor of Halloween. Red, because of Bruce Willis' bald irresistibility.  Anastasia, for our non-existent daughter's princess collection. And the original Footloose, because Kevin Bacon does it better. 

Can you really blame me? These gems are put out there practically free for the taking!
Enter Walmart at your own risk my friends, the road to addiction is paved 5 dollars at a time. 


lets talk pop culture

Jef with one f, and Emily have officially split. wah, wah, waaaah.
They both just became a whole lot less interesting. I no longer have any reason to stalk them on Instagram. But wishing them both the best on their future endeavors.
And I will be tuning in to watch personality-less Sean search for love in January. Haven't given up on the process, I mean hello, Trista and Ryan people!

KStew and RPat are back together, just in time for the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Surprise, surprise. I am SO disappointed Robert, so disappointed. Though, they are perfect for each other, in a my-life-is-so-hard-cause-I'm-rich-and-famous, and I-smoke-heavily-and-never-shower, sort of way.

Katy Perry and John Mayer are back on. I personally think they are adorbs together, so this one receives my stamp of approval. I hope they write some songs about each other, sing some duets, marriage, babies, the whole celebrity happily ever after.

Jennifer Aniston got teary eyes on Chelsea Lately when asked about her engagement to Justin Theroux. She is s'cute. Brangelina can eat rocks.

and that's all I really have to say about that.


sister weekend

My one and only sista came home for a visit this weekend, and it was oh so great.
Since she doesn't get to come home all that often, visits are a good excuse to take a day off work, and play all weekend. It looked a little like this...

She got here Tuesday night and brought me the latest, and absolute cutest, birthday sweater.

We went to Runners Corner to pretend like we are athletic, and buy some fancy shoes.

Watched this classic

 Went to Thriller is Salt Lake City. It's a Borup Halloween tradition.
Please ignore my sprouting roots.

Remember how I signed up for a 5k with Bri? weeeeeeeell, we didn't go.
 Instead, we hung out all night with these pretty ladies.
 Best. Decision. Ever. 

Now Bri is back in California, and we are all left here missing her. But distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? makes the family reunions that much sweeter. *crossing my fingers another get-together in California is around the corner*

It was a wonderful wonderfully long long-weekend. Now back to work.
Happy Monday everyone!


a glimpse

A scene at Which Wich:

A Husband: What would you think if you saw me do this? -he stares out the window, and then suddenly his eyes look up near the ceiling, or sky-

A Wife: Umm... I would think you are probably watching a bug. 

The Husband looks a little disappointed.

The Wife: What would you think if you saw me do this? - I repeat the same eye movement he did 10 seconds ago-

The Husband: I would think, Superhero!

Naturally. What was she thinking.

They spent the rest of dinner testing out their ability to read lips.  


the best of the latest according to my iphone


being home with my old pooch, treating her like the princess she is

loving on this goofball

enjoying the beauty of fall, and the new fishes up Provo Canyon.

my forehead taking over the world

 Enjoying the laziness of LDS General Conference weekend. 
Especially the quality time with my cute mom while the boys were at Priesthood,
 including that dessert pizza.

{If you spent this weekend falling in and out of sleep, like I did, need a review, or perhaps you missed it all together, 
it's all found here. My personal favorites, to no surprise, were  Elder Holland, and Elder Uchtdorf.}


woe is me.

For those of you following me on instagram, you may have seen this photo...

Zane and I have officially moved into my parents basement. And though half of our family room does look that fabulous, I'm afraid it's a little misleading.

The other half looks like this...

This picture basically sums up the unorganized disaster we are living in, better than any image I could paint with words.

Mostly, I just want you to feel as sorry for me as I do for myself. boo-hoo.
At least I have 1/3 of the basement, and my mood lighting, to maintain sanity.


bloggin about blogs

One blog, always leads to another blog. It's the blog circle of life, it's beautiful, and it's how I stumbled upon this blog, from another lovely ladies blog, and it may be the funniest blog currently on the blogosphere. 

The point is, if you haven't yet, you MUST read this blog.


today is

National Toot Your Flute Day.
Not joking, google it.

Thus, I'd like to take this opportunity to toot about Zane. If he's not something to brag about, I don't know what is.

My reasoning goes as follows:

-He's got the best head of hair you've ever seen.
-He doesn't watch sports. Ever. Jackpot!
-He doesn't play video games, unless it's Spyro, with me.
-He is kind, kind, kind.
-He cleans Tom the fish's tank more often than not.
-He sacrifices variety in his diet, to eat at Which Wich with me. over, and over, and over.
-He wakes up with me every morning, at 5:45, just to keep me company.
-He was willing to move into his in-law's basement.
-He kills all spiders, and other creepy crawlies that are about to attack me, without letting me know, so I can still sleep at night.
-He does magic. Enough said.
-He loves animals. Especially old Dallas, and that's a must in my book.
-He lets me take pictures of him. All the time. And then post them for the world to see. 
-He is going to give me some cute babies.

Zane truly is my best, and brightest accomplishment. Better than any shiny trophy, not that I have any.
I can't take credit for any of his perfection, except maybe his cute clothes, but I will take credit for snatching this gem up.

What are you tootin' about today?



I'm a bad blogger.
Living through a renovation is not as glamourous as HGTV makes it look.
I have to search through 4 separate boxes to find something to clothe myself with each morning.
My deodorant has yet to be seen. And my laptop has been hiding in one of the many unpacked boxes.
If thats not a good excuse, I don't know what is.

Well I've uncovered my little comp, and only have a few thoughts,

Mitt Romney's constant condescending smirk is annoying.
Saying this could be considered treason here in Utah County, but it's simply undeniable.
I do like his salt and pepper hair though, very presidential McDreamy hair.
Now that I mention it, Both candidates are rather handsome.
And we all know Romney's final speech, and stylish tie, kicked Obama's ass.
Is this not what Im supposed to be getting from this debate?

Okay. I'm only half kidding.
On an uncharacteristically political note, I look forward to voting, and hope that all of you that are able will too. Whatever that vote may be (I am not publicly endorsing either candidate)  just make it an educated one.

I'm not kidding about Mitt's smile though. seriously.