It's Official...

I'm engaged!!!
He asked me to be his wife, I said yes.

Let's talk about it tomorrow.


Taylor Swift is kind of a weirdo.
Let's just be honest here.
Anyone who was at that concert now knows, she's a little different... Granted she is very nice weird person, with a great voice.
Still weird.

She kind of belongs in DisneyWorld as some sort of princess. Cinderella maybe?
Her voice, and most definitely her mannerisms scream Disney princess.
I have 4 minutes of proof if you're interested.

Also, most T-Swift fans are aware of the fact that she cannot dance.
It's basically a well known fact.
And it remains true.

Nonetheless, the concert was AWESOME!
I had so much fun with 3 of my besties, singing poorly at the top of our lungs. (but not quite as loudly as the tone def asian girl behind us)
And a little surprisingly, Taylor (we are on a first name basis here) sounded great live. Plus the flying balcony was a real crowd pleaser.

It was a fun night. A perfect break from the daily stresses.
And here are some pactures.

Love these girls.

Miss this lady.

T-Swift herself

Ran into some cute friends!

Videos are taking forever to load. will add on later at some point


Hello Wednesday

Thank you for giving me what will soon be one of the best nights of my life.
Actually, I suppose I should be thanking my parents for this one;
Ben and Beth you're making 4 giddy girl's dreams come true tonight.

Taylor Swift here we come!!!


So you wanna know?

Are you all waiting for me to officially announce something???
Well it's not gonna happen. 

I'm just going to beat-around-the-bush, and leak small secrets here and there to make everything as anticlimactic as possible. 

Ideal? no. 
Reality? yep. 
Will it really matter in the big scheme of things? Probably not. 

Is the question burning in your minds when you read this blog something you already know the answer to? Probably. You're out of the loop if you dont.

But for the time being, I have a feeling you'll all stick around to see the little snid-bits I do disclose.

Would a smiley face emotocon at this point be too obvious and a little cheesy?
I'll refrain.


3 whole months

3 months ago today we had our first smooch. 
Have I mentioned that we like each other lots?



Most of my friends, and most of my family have met Zane.
But some haven't, and some don't know him well enough. 

So to help everyone get to know him a little better, and because almost every girl blogger is inspired by Meg, I conducted a little interview of the boy.

*New disclaimer. Zane had ZERO idea that I was going to end up posting this interview on my blog. He thought it was just for me. So his answers are in no way altered for the public. 

Full name?
Zane Louis O'Gwin


How do you feel about the fact you're dating someone almost 6 years younger than you? Ever feel like you're babysitting?
I feel great. She teaches me things everyday about life, and companionship, and true love.
(notice he ignored the babysitting part..)

So basically you totally love me?
100% to the moon and back

And when did you know this?
It was more gradual, like a sunrise. Steady and brighter and brighter until I knew. Truly I saw light on the first date.
(I saw the light on the second date, if you were wondering)

Back to your cute name, where'd you get it?
My parents once knew someone named Zane and they loved it. Also, my mom wanted me to be a jr., after my dad Sean. Sean and Zane both mean John. Sean is Irish, and Zane is German. My dad is Sean Louis O'Gwin, and I'm Zane Louis O'Gwin. My dad also wanted to give me a name I could "conquer the world with". 

For the strangers, pick three words to describe yourself?
Kind, genuine, and happy. Can I add crazy in love?!
(I agree with all 4)

What's the plan for the next 3 years?
Hammer out school, save money, start a family with my wifey.

Wifey = me, right? 
Yes. Brooke Ashley soon to be O'Gwin. 

So you're prepared for the excessive amounts of ketchup and the crazy, bipolarness that comes once a month?
Ready as I'll ever be. I'll buy you all the ketchup you want. And i'll serve you when you're sad, and love you even more when you're happy. I'll be there through it all. 

So we covered the downsides, how about your favorite thing about me?
This is hard because I have so many! Your love, your clear eyes, your passion about all you believe, your desire to understand, your patience, your beauty inside and out, your smell, your smile, everything about you is my favorite!

So most people know you can be heavy, which is good :), but promise to be silly too?
You know I will make you laugh every single day. I'll bring excitement and adventure when I can. Silly is one of my best qualities. I thought that silly part was a given. 

Want to say anything to the family and friends who don't know you, to win them over?
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, buuut I suppose if I were to say anything to them it would be... You saved me, you brought meaning to my life. I will love you forever. I will serve and protect you and always put your happiness before mine. I will honor you and make sure those who love you never question your decision. And always be worthy before god, you, and them. 


Chillis Date

Remember how I'm a loser, and never hang out with anyone but Zane.

So when my old friend Lyssa texted me to go to dinner, I was more than ready for a little girl time.
Usually we get together at least once a month to go to dinner at Chillis, but it had been 3 months since our last date. So we had a lot to catch up on, we ate and talked for hours.
Basically my two favorite things in this world.
We're both in the best places in our lives, and it's fun to see a best friend so happy. Especially when you're in a good place too :)

our white as snow faces, I can feel the pale winter season coming on... 

I love this girl so dang much. 


Meet Claude

This is Claude..

When times get hard, it's good to have a sweet boyfriend who gives you a cute teddybear.
To be with you when the boy can't, and as a little reminder that he still loves me.


Zucchini Pizza

I said I was going to cook, and I did!

Ta-Da! Zucchini Pizza!

I don't like zucchini, tomatoes, or olives. So I figured this was a good place to start with learning how to cook for people with normal taste buds. 
When they were ready to eat Zane made me try one, and it turns out I actually liked them! They were pretty delicious if I do say so myself!

All cooked and ready to eat.

Sometimes life is kind of hard. Not everything is always as easy as it appears to be. 
I know that cooking isn't that big of an accomplishment, but it feels good to be learning something new, and something that I can use to help others. 
And it's nice to find another way to be productive when I have some free time. 

I think I'll keep it up :)



I am trying to be a big girl these days,
I have a job, I put more than half of my paycheck in savings, I volunteer, and I go to college. 

And I've decided to add one more thing to the list, I am going to learn to cook.
Cook like legitimate recipes. Especially the recipes I don't enjoy, because I am afraid one day, one poor guy will marry me and soon he will be living off cereal, and plain noodles. And though it works for me, I don't think it'll be his favorite. 

So I started off easy, and completely unhealthy... 

Peanut butter and Jelly Cookies!

I saw a picture of it on pinterest, and I just couldn't resist. I know I'm supposed to be learning to cook real food, like normal people like to eat,
But ever since I had that PB&J milkshake in DisneyWorld, I can't turn anything PB&J down.

I made them last night while Zane was at school, and I was kinda disappointed when they were done. My parents will agree, they weren't as yummy as we hoped.

But after a night in the fridge, I may or may not have ate 3 of them for "lunch".
And I may or may not be debating hiding them so no one else eats them... but thats the obese girl inside me and I try not to listen to her. 

I think my future husband will love me after all. 
If PB&J cookies don't make you an awesome wifey,
I don't know what does!


How I met My Future Boyfriend

A scene from recess at an elementary school:

6th Grade Boy: "Who are you?!"

Me: "Me?"

Boy: "As a man, I have to know who everyone at recess is."

Me: "I'm a daughter of one of the teachers here."

Boy: "What teacher?"

Me: "Mrs. Borup."

Boy: "Well, just so you know, I never don't date teacher's daughters."

Me: laughter.

Boy: "So what's your number?"

Me: "Well I am afraid I am a little too old for you."

Boy: "I dont think so."

Me: "Well how old are you?"

Boy: "13"

Me: "And I am 19..."

Boy: "oh. Well will you wait for me?!"

Me: "Sure."

2 minutes later when he finds me again...

Boy: "It's only 6 years ya know."

Me: Silently thinking, Shut up! Zane is only 6 years older than me... what the...

Boy: "Can I walk you back to your class?"

Me: "Sure, so how many years till you're 18?"

Boy: "uuh 5."

Me: "Okay, Whats your name?"

Boy: "Cayden"

Me: "Okay, Cayden. I will see you in 5 years then"

End Scene.

So maybe I don't get hit on by people my own age at UVU like everyone else, whatever. 
6th graders are just as cool. 

And since I can't post pictures of little children who don't belong to me, I can show you my cute classroom...

I realize it isn't actually MY classroom, but it kinda-sorta belongs to me too... right?


A Rascally Night

I am so blessed to have fallen in love with the O'Gwins.
From the day I met them I always wanted to spend time around them, simply because they are wonderful, never because I had to. 
And since all my friends are away from me, the O'Gwins fill the holes they left behind :)
Especially Zane's little sister Catie, we have been friends since the beginning.

So it worked out perfectly when my mom gave me some Rascal Flatts tickets that I actually had a friend to bring with me!
And we had loooots of fun!

Sara Evans, and Rascal Flatts both have amazing voices, especially live, which often is not the case.
There are no bad seats in USANA.
And We made good friends with the very sweet lesbians sitting in front of us.
It was more fun than I thought it would be!

The only downside to the concert was the scary, probably drunk, old hippie grandpa sitting two rows behind us...
Catie, the three lesbians, and I stood up when Sara Evans came out, we like her, it's a concert, and she deserves to have her fans react like they're having a good time. 
but the old man, and his mean old wife, disagreed. They continued to yell at us to sit down.
So being the assertive person I am, I finally turned around and as kindly as possible told them that I paid for these tickets, this is a concert, and I am sorry, but we are going to stand. 
So he yelled, "You're an F******* B****"!"
Completely shocked and terrified I quickly turned around. 

Well somewhere else in the arena my mom is sitting with her three best friends, so I texted her the little story because she's my mom and I tell her everything. 
Next thing I know, my mom is stormin down my isle, picks out the old man behind me and chews him out. She shakes her scariest teacher pointer finger in his face and tells him that he cannot speak to me that way, to get over it cause he is at a "freaking concert"!, and if he says anything to me she will have security remove him. Needless to say, my mom is awesome. And the oldies left me alone for the rest of the concert. 

Well you have to admit my sweater isn't doin much for me, but my mom is BEAUTIFUL, and awesome. I am so grateful for everything she does for me. 

So all summed up, it was such a great night!
Especially after a kind of tough week, it was exactly what I needed. 

Here's a little glimpse for you... and if you ask me, the lesbians really set the mood.

And even though we got stuck in about 4 hours of traffic on the way home, fun people in car next to us running to our car on the freeway to give us their number made even the worst situation of the night a little fun. 

It was a pretty perfect night!


Dancin Girl

I just created a youtube account so I can finally upload videos onto the blog,
so now I may or may not be obsessed with all my old videos.

While I was in Florida, walking around universal studios, I ended up walking behind this girl. And bless her heart, she just couldn't contain how much she loved the Britney Spears song that was blasting over the speakers.
It gave me a little giggle to watch her from behind (creepy I know).
So I decided I had to capture at least a snid-bit of it, sadly I missed out on all of her best moves. Oh well.

It makes laugh a little to think about what people might have seen me do from afar...

I told CC this little story, and she insisted that she had to see the video.
So here it is.

Watch what ridiculous things you do on the streets, I might be walking behind you to capture it on film :)


Old Girl

Once upon a time, in a place titled The 404, there was a chair.
It was an old, smelly chair, but a good chair nonetheless.

Then one day, the girls of 404 had to move home, and I am afraid the chair, named Old Girl, couldn't come.
She had to be sent to the dumpster outside Snow Hall.

But before we said goodbye, we made a tribute video.
It was 3 in the morning okay, who knows what inspired me to do this...

My roommies have been dying for me to get this posted on FB, but I never figured it out, and Im no longer on there. So I finally got it uploaded on this little blog.

Hopefully one or two of them are still reading it...

To see it a little larger, click Here.


And I would like to say how much I miss my roommates. Seriously, love you girls :)



A Lonely Girl's Pick-Me-Up

Labor day weekend is here, which means CC came home from Utah State for the weekend!

We went to lunch at CPK yesterday, talked and ate. The usual.
And it was perfect.

For the most part, I am pretty busy, and being with Zane is perfect.
But I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little lonely sometimes.
I miss having my best girl friends here to chat with and constantly be eating with.

So this best friend lunch was kind of necessary.

Probably not the prettiest picture we've ever taken, but it had to be done. 


UVU Review

Everyone is talking about UVU, so I'm just going to go ahead and join in.

I loved USU so UVU is a bit of an adjustment for me, but fortunately I am only going part time this semester so it hasn't been too difficult.
And I apparently have none of the same problems as everyone else.

Parking has not been difficult... I always find a spot everyday, not too far away from my building. Yesterday I even found a nice shaded spot a short walk to the right from my classes..

I'm not getting hit on too crazily from creepy older guys either. I guess not being as hot as my other UVU buddies has an upside haha.
Although there are a few guys who stare a lot, for a little too long.

And I haven't ran into ANYONE I know from high school... not one person.

But my favorite part about UVU has got to be my Media Ethics professor...

Jingdong Liang.

He is the sweetest, most incredibly asian man, who wears reeboks with his slacks.
He brightens up every Tuesday and Thursday, with his asian-american accent.
And I wanted to share the love, so I wrote down my favorite Jingdong quotes yesterday to share with you...
(make sure you read in your best accent as well)

"I don't want you to party in the night, have good time at night, go sleep at 5 in the morning and next day absent! I will be so sad! I want to see your smiling faces! I am sad when not here!"


"My heart is very soft, maybe I do reviews."


"By end of class, you're class will be so close, so communicative, I will be so jealous!"

or my personal favorite,

"Alright, we will move on, change the gear, drive on the freeway!"

With Jingdong by my side, I think I will survive this semester just fine.