Old Girl

Once upon a time, in a place titled The 404, there was a chair.
It was an old, smelly chair, but a good chair nonetheless.

Then one day, the girls of 404 had to move home, and I am afraid the chair, named Old Girl, couldn't come.
She had to be sent to the dumpster outside Snow Hall.

But before we said goodbye, we made a tribute video.
It was 3 in the morning okay, who knows what inspired me to do this...

My roommies have been dying for me to get this posted on FB, but I never figured it out, and Im no longer on there. So I finally got it uploaded on this little blog.

Hopefully one or two of them are still reading it...

To see it a little larger, click Here.


And I would like to say how much I miss my roommates. Seriously, love you girls :)

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