Most of my friends, and most of my family have met Zane.
But some haven't, and some don't know him well enough. 

So to help everyone get to know him a little better, and because almost every girl blogger is inspired by Meg, I conducted a little interview of the boy.

*New disclaimer. Zane had ZERO idea that I was going to end up posting this interview on my blog. He thought it was just for me. So his answers are in no way altered for the public. 

Full name?
Zane Louis O'Gwin


How do you feel about the fact you're dating someone almost 6 years younger than you? Ever feel like you're babysitting?
I feel great. She teaches me things everyday about life, and companionship, and true love.
(notice he ignored the babysitting part..)

So basically you totally love me?
100% to the moon and back

And when did you know this?
It was more gradual, like a sunrise. Steady and brighter and brighter until I knew. Truly I saw light on the first date.
(I saw the light on the second date, if you were wondering)

Back to your cute name, where'd you get it?
My parents once knew someone named Zane and they loved it. Also, my mom wanted me to be a jr., after my dad Sean. Sean and Zane both mean John. Sean is Irish, and Zane is German. My dad is Sean Louis O'Gwin, and I'm Zane Louis O'Gwin. My dad also wanted to give me a name I could "conquer the world with". 

For the strangers, pick three words to describe yourself?
Kind, genuine, and happy. Can I add crazy in love?!
(I agree with all 4)

What's the plan for the next 3 years?
Hammer out school, save money, start a family with my wifey.

Wifey = me, right? 
Yes. Brooke Ashley soon to be O'Gwin. 

So you're prepared for the excessive amounts of ketchup and the crazy, bipolarness that comes once a month?
Ready as I'll ever be. I'll buy you all the ketchup you want. And i'll serve you when you're sad, and love you even more when you're happy. I'll be there through it all. 

So we covered the downsides, how about your favorite thing about me?
This is hard because I have so many! Your love, your clear eyes, your passion about all you believe, your desire to understand, your patience, your beauty inside and out, your smell, your smile, everything about you is my favorite!

So most people know you can be heavy, which is good :), but promise to be silly too?
You know I will make you laugh every single day. I'll bring excitement and adventure when I can. Silly is one of my best qualities. I thought that silly part was a given. 

Want to say anything to the family and friends who don't know you, to win them over?
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, buuut I suppose if I were to say anything to them it would be... You saved me, you brought meaning to my life. I will love you forever. I will serve and protect you and always put your happiness before mine. I will honor you and make sure those who love you never question your decision. And always be worthy before god, you, and them. 


  1. :) Good catch! (for both of you)

  2. Congrats Brooke! Zane has always been one of my favorite people. I definitely approve :)