Oh Facebook.

I am debating deleting my Facebook.

I think my relationship with FB is unhealthy 87% of the time.

I stalk pictures of people I don't really know, for no apparent reason.
And posting my own pictures sometimes feels like a contest (Im not really sure who I am competing against) of who has the best life.
Who has the cuter boyfriend, the crazy fun experiences, the cutest clothes, the most friends, the  most extravagant vacations.
Pictures become less about the moment, and the people and more about proving to someone, or maybe even proving to yourself, that you are happy.

A family friend once told my mom, from my pictures it looked like I have the most happy and fun life he's ever seen.
No doubt I am blessed. But is the reality of FB really reality?

Most days I feel like Facebook is just a way to either cut others down, or cut our selves down because we don't measure up to others.
A way to exercise pride and vanity.
I feel like I would feel a little less worldy the day I deleted my profile.

BUT, sometimes Facebook is healthy.
It is fun to look at pictures of my best friends, and family that I don't get to see as often.
It is nice to have another way to communicate with people I am away from.
It is sometimes nice to be able to share parts of my life with friends and family who are curious to know what I am up to.

So, what to do, what to do?!?!


Saying Goodbye to Whiskers

 I got Whiskers, my cat, for Christmas when I was 2 years old. He is an old man. The most frequently told story is how I called all my relatives screaming "I got a Tat, I got a Tat!"
Since then the poor thing as gone through a lot.
I threw him over the bannister once or twice because I heard cats always land on their feet.
We accidentally shut his tail in the door and broke it.
And less violent, but still annoying, he had to put up with me growing up. Forcing him to sleep with me, or to look a the pages of the book I was reading to him.

Later we got our dog Dallas, and whiskers was mostly ignored. I think he enjoyed it.
But as he got much older, he was always starving for attention.
I wish I would of given him more. :(

I came home this weekend because my parents told me Whiskers was very sick.
I didn't make it home till 2 in the morning, but as soon as I got in I checked in with my parents, and went to find my sick cat.
He was dead when I found him. Or almost. His eyes were open and he wasn't moving, but he was warm and if you put your hand on him you could feel his heart beating softly.
I sat on the floor and cried with my parents.
Soon his heart stopped, and he went cold.
My Dad said he prayed that night that whisker's wouldn't suffer anymore; he thinks that whisker held on just until I got home.

I am sorry this is so morbid!! But this is basically my journal now, and I will print off all these entries and put them in a book someday, so it is something I needed to write about.

I didn't think Whiskers dying would affect me as much as it did. I cried more than expected last night. Then when I finally went to bed, I found this little plaque that my mom and sister gave me as a joke for Christmas.
It says "cats leave paw prints on your heart." haha
and I broke into tears again. And I unexpectedly started crying as I wrote this.
I don't know about the paw prints on my heart, but I know I won't forget the best christmas present I ever received.

I have little to no pictures of my kitty. He wasn't very photogenic.
All I can find is this tender moment with dallas and dad after a bath.

Bye bye Whiskers. Love you. 


The New Roommates


Bachelorette Number 1: Ken!

Isn't she a GEM? Ken and I had a class together last semester, so I already knew her a little before she moved it. She is addicted to all of the same TV shows as me, and is also a homebody! We've bonded over the Bachelorette, Gossip Girl, Modern Family., ect. and over the fact that we both love going home!
so overall, we are really healthy for each other :) 
And I debate stealing from her closet on a daily basis. 

Bachelorettes Number 2 and 3: Court and The Mrs!

I introduce these two together, because they are always together. 
Like peas in a pod.
 So i've yet to get a picture of them really separate from each other. 

The Facial hair is NOT natural. Promise. 

Court and the Mrs. are ADORABLE. The make me laugh on a daily basis, hence the pictures of them as boys. They are super sweet. They both sing like little angles, which they do, all day long. so it's a good thing we have the same taste in music. :) They always share their food, and movies, and jokes with me. I like them quite a bit. 
Court, has a lovely blog that I stalk as well, feel free to join me. 

And you all already know Barbie, so no need to reintroduce her. 

Soon you'll learn to love them as much as I do. 


Not so Bloggy

I haven't blogged in awhile now.
And I am sure you are all eager to hear the details of another week at school,
but I'm just not feeling very bloggy.
And when you're not feelingy bloggy, and you blog anyway, it's usually pretty boring for everyone.
So I will try to summarize quickly...

I am now addicted to Sudoku. 

I stayed my 2nd weekend ever in Logan.

I made some new friends.

My ipod broke, but I got myself a new one, I'd like to think because of my undeniable charm. John said even though my warranty expired, he would give me one anyway. Lucky me! I would like to try out my "charm" theory on a cop one of these days, see if I can get myself out of a ticket. But I am just too good of a driver, never been pulled over once folks.

I wrote my second paper in my college history. 
Hopefully it's better than my first.

I am beginning to miss my blonde hair.

I started sleeping in till noon every other day, even though I think it's kind of disgusting and tell myself every night that tomorrow morning will be the day I am up at 10. It never is.

I am missing my mom, dad, sister and dog. 
(sorry whiskers)

I also miss Braden. 

Thats all. 
here's hoping I find some blog motivation this week. 



School is only getting better.
(minus that dumb research methods class)

I HONESTLY love my roommates. 
My dad called me the other day and said that he saw that I wrote I loved them on a previous post but was wondering if I was just being polite. 
So let me clarify.
I love them. From the bottom of my heart. 
We are kindred spirits. They complete me. 
When I get some good pictures of them, and some spare time, I will formally introduce you. Fake names and all.
(Don't be creeped out Court :)...)

My classes are more interesting.
But I can tell you now that I'm definitely going to finish this semester as a feminist, and probably a liberal. It's really not debatable anymore. 
But my mom says I was never really a conservative to begin with anyway... oops. 

I hope you all still love me. 

I got myself some cute hats, and some ear warmers. So even my walks around campus are looking up.

But as GREAT as school is, home is pretty darn great too.
And I am home this weekend with all of my best girl friends! 
But even Barbie came down to visit good old Orem City this time. 
So basically it's my life in Logan, temporarily relocated to the O.C.
Completely different and worth the gas money, I swear. 

And here is a picture of Big Red's legs to keep you all aesthetically pleased.

Happy Weekend


The classes

Let's talk about my classes shall we?

1: Marriage and Family Relationships.
I walked around for a good 10 min trying to find my classroom before I realized I was in the wrong building...
So I was 20 min late to the actual class, but by the portion that I was there for I think I am going to like it. Yes, it probably isn't the most challenging class I have ever taken, but I can tell I will find it interesting. I hear is the best way to earn a good grade. (which I need)

2: Jcom [media smarts]
Well I am pretty sure my teacher is a NUT. 
She is liberal, eco-friendly, full blown feminist and gay activist. 
She hates conservative radio and Fox news. 
She married the head of the Jcom department, but refused to take his last name because "She wanted to keep her own identity".
Although none of these things makes an individual a nut, screaming, blasting the song "we didn't start the fire" and asking us to all dance definitely does.
she is definitely going to force me to have an open mind
The class sounds challenging, she will be challenging, but also a lot of fun, and interesting. 

3. Women and Gender Studies
Undecided about this one. The teacher rambled on and on about the syllabus today it was hard to be interested... But I have it with my roommate, Barbie, so that will be nice. 
I am pretty sure this class, along with the class above, is going to have a little bit of a liberal agenda. Gay rights, transvestite rights were both topics that she mentioned we would be studying. Think I can maintain my conservative beliefs and get an A in my classes?
Heaven forbid I graduate as a DEMOCRAT right?!
But seriously, this isn't BYU folks. 

4. Jcom [communications research methods]
This is going to be Statistics all over again... meh.
But because it is too early in the semester to have such a bad attitude, I will just say some positive things. 
It's a really small class, I like my professor, and it will probably be at least a little easier than Stats.

Thats all. Sounds easy enough right?? I can totally do this...

Zero pictures today. 
This post was mostly for Mom and Dad anyway. If more of you found it even slightly entertaining that is just a bonus. 

It is FREEZING. like -5 degrees outside today. I was pretty sure my ears were going to fall off.



Back for Spring

I'm back!
I spent my first night of the spring semester back in Logan last night!

Moving back in was the absolute worst. I came back with a huge suitcase I didn't leave with...
so. much. stuff.

The whole process of moving in with Hillary and Lindsey was pretty dang funny.
3 girls, 3 loads of stuff, and 3 inches of packed snow does not go well together.
If my hands weren't so full of stuff, and I knew which bag my camera was in,  I would of snapped some shots.
You'll just have to use your imagination.

Also, next to blow drying my hair, hanging up clothes is my absolute LEAST favorite thing to do in the world.
It took me like 4 times longer than the rest of my friends.

Now on to the good things :)

I met my three new roommates!
I am in love with them.
They moved into our room because they had some drama with an old roommate.
I can't imagine why anyone didn't like them, honestly.
I clicked with all three of them so fast. I can already tell this semester is going to be better than fall.

So with our new friends, and of course my old USU family, we had some dinner and game night!

I am already loving the social.
now my classes start tomorrow, and we will see about the whole academic part :)

the game circle. a little crowded.

USU Buddies!


Ready to Learn

Yesterday was the boyfriend's first day of college!
And since Utah State doesn't start till the 10th (suckas!), I was here to take part in the event.

Braden started at BYU today. He loved it.
I'm pretty sure...

Here is a picture of me picking him up at school after his first day :)

It made me excited to start school again myself. 
This may come as a shock to some of you, but I actually like school and love the whole learning thing.

You probably think I am lying, like I think everybody who says they LOVE running is lying, to themselves and everybody else. Freaks.

Buuut I am telling the truth. I love to learn. 
Sometimes I have to remind myself of this halfway through the semester... but that doesn't mean it's not true.

The longer this break lasts, the more I feel the need to get back to Logan. 

I know, that last part really does make me a freak.
And this whole post basically contradicts my last post, but I am a woman, and I get to change my mind whenever I want.


Moving Forward

I woke up feeling a little nervous about going back to school this morning.
This break has been so EASY! I never had to wake up early, study, or try and be polite to difficult roommates, I got to spend time with my family, friends, and see Braden everyday. 
I only have one week left of this bliss, and then it's back to -3 degrees Logan.
And although I do enjoy USU, I can't help but think that nothing is going to be better than the past month at home, and that things are only going to get harder from here on out.
Luckily I had a great lesson in Relief Society today, and they shared with us this video. I love it! And seeing that it is the start of a New Year for all of us, and something new is beginning for everyone, I thought this video was applicable. 

So here is to leaving the past behind, and looking forward! Remembering something great, greater than the good things in our lives already, still lies ahead for all of us :)

Happy 2011