Not so Bloggy

I haven't blogged in awhile now.
And I am sure you are all eager to hear the details of another week at school,
but I'm just not feeling very bloggy.
And when you're not feelingy bloggy, and you blog anyway, it's usually pretty boring for everyone.
So I will try to summarize quickly...

I am now addicted to Sudoku. 

I stayed my 2nd weekend ever in Logan.

I made some new friends.

My ipod broke, but I got myself a new one, I'd like to think because of my undeniable charm. John said even though my warranty expired, he would give me one anyway. Lucky me! I would like to try out my "charm" theory on a cop one of these days, see if I can get myself out of a ticket. But I am just too good of a driver, never been pulled over once folks.

I wrote my second paper in my college history. 
Hopefully it's better than my first.

I am beginning to miss my blonde hair.

I started sleeping in till noon every other day, even though I think it's kind of disgusting and tell myself every night that tomorrow morning will be the day I am up at 10. It never is.

I am missing my mom, dad, sister and dog. 
(sorry whiskers)

I also miss Braden. 

Thats all. 
here's hoping I find some blog motivation this week. 

1 comment:

  1. Need some blog inspiration? I would like you to go into more detail about your life there in Logan. Pick one aspect and go into more detail. For example, do you use the elevator or the stairs. Do you have experiences with people on other floors?

    I can't believe you are only on your second paper.

    How you getting along without your car? I didn't see that you missed it.