February 28th

Yesterday was a special day. 
Free pancakes at IHOP, and Justin Bieber released his new single (which sadly is no good)
It also happened to be me and Zane's 2 month anniversary. 
And yes, until we reach 1 year we will be celebrating such ridiculous stepping stones.  

I am happy to say, that similar to my 2 week analyzation of marriage, 2 months is just as wonderful. 
There are times we disagree, and a few tears have been shed, but I have the same problem with Ben on The Bachelor, so I'm not too worried. 
Most days with Zane are simple and easy. 
It's not a fast paced adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.
(like the first couple minutes of Up, if you're in need of a visual.)

My new favorite part of being married is waking up every morning, staring at this man I've only known 8 months, and knowing without a doubt that I made the right decision. 

Which I really do consciously recognize everyday. 

So cheers to me and Zane.

Zane O'Gwin:

I have always known I don't deserve you. I knew that day one. 
I also knew from day one that somehow I would end up with you anyway. 
There were times that I doubted that feeling. There were days I barely dared to dream about being yours forever. It was, you are, too good to be true. 
You know more about forgiveness and patience than I'm afraid I'll ever understand. 
Thank you for choosing me. 
I'll love you forever. 

Your Wife. 

I am..

wishing everyone felt this way. 
Happy Leap Day folks. 


mondays are the worst

I pride myself on my perfect (basically) driving record.
Accident free since that pretty little license fell into my hands.
Until today.

Driving on 1200, which is currently infamous for it's horrendous construction.
The car in front of me slammed on their breaks, I slam on mine but slide on the dirt/rocks exposed by construction and my tires slide.
I barely miss the car in front of me, let out a breath of relief. phew. In the same moment the truck behind me slams into the back of my Jeep. Hard.
I'm dramatic, so imagine it in slow motion, feel free to do the same. My head and general body being thrown forward while the glass from my back window shatters everywhere. literally.
The glass is on the road, as well as in the back, in the middle, and in the front of my car.
Swear words come next. But only in my head.

glass on the floor of my front seat. 

The car behind me is a big white truck. Brand new to the teenager with endless piercings and tattoos. His bumper is looking pretty terrible. Spoken profanity from him. But overall, very nice guy.

Cop shows up. I'm so shaken up I cannot remember my own phone number. I actually called Zane so he could tell me the last 4 numbers. 2309 it turns out, which only sounds vaguely familiar.

We wait. I am late for class.

The officer gives us our case number information and send us on our separate ways.

I need to turn in a big homework assignment, but class is already going by the time I get to UVU, which brings you to the present.
I have to turn in the assignment, and I have to get my absence/tardy excused, so what's left to do other than suck it up and go to Sociology.
Where I currently sit, hoping it doesn't rain, and that my car will still be in the parking lot when I'm done here.
Not to forget, now that the adrenaline has faded, I am now fully aware of my pulsing headache and slight queasy-ness. I'm 90% sure my hands are shaking, and 40% sure I might throw-up.

So naturally I blog.

Happy Monday everybody!


for the Fun of it.

This is what we have been listening to lately.
We're pretty excited, so I thought I would share.

You're welcome. 

Janelle is a fabulous addition.  
And for those of you who know me real well, anyone else thinking he looks an awful lot like an ex-boyfriend of mine? True story. 

2:32. ridiculous.


happy birthday Mr. President.

Similar to the last long weekend, I was hoping I could sneak out of town and have a little adventure with Zane. Turns out that though Zane did have work off, we still don't have a whole lot of money.

But I learned you don't need to leave town to have a good time.
And thats the moral of this blog story.
All it takes to have one fine weekend in Orem is, family dinner, shopping with mom, downtown provo, selfless sushi dates, twilight zone, Valentines day at the Borups, one long game of Taboo, lunch with my best friends, a family wedding and most importantly, a little nap.

Pictures taken at the wedding only, you're welcome. 

tender, worthless, creepy hand picture. 

 I hope everyone had a happy presidents day!


February 14th

Valentines Day for me looked like this.

isn't his arrangement just adorable?

He knows me so well. 

Valentines Day for Zane looked like this.

Shame on me for not getting better and more pictures of what I gave him, but more or less, a breakfast of a dozen donuts, a selfess date night to Happy Sumo, and a shirt to replace the shirt I ruined by turning it pink in the wash last week.
Plus, a cutesy poem to tie them all together. 

Followed by dinner at Chilli's. I'm a cheap date. 

Finished off by watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Which we decided is our newest tradition. 

* note. 
I do not use Tonic Water to water down my alcoholic beverages. It's just yummy.


what a day, what a silly little day

Saturday Zane and I woke up and decided it was a perfect day for a visit to the Hogle Zoo.
It really was. 
I have a small obsession with all animals. So even though I am almost 20 years old, I am definitely not too old for the zoo. 
And little known fact, and it might not actually be a fact, the animals are way more active this time of year than I have ever seen them in the summer. 

I was basically 2 feet away from a tiger, and made a serious connection with a monkey. 
Needless to say, I loved every second of it. 


The monkey moment mentioned was not caught on film, but the Tiger was. 
It doesn't do it justice, it was pretty much amazing. She was gorgeous, their eyes are unreal. 
Kind of hurts my heart at the same time though.
Can you hear the tree hugger inside me?

After the zoo we made a stop at Heritage Park. 
A completely underrated destination if you ask me. 

Heritage Park is where Brigham Young declared that "this is the place". 

It was special to me, to stop and think about everything the pioneers went through to get here, and what Utah might have looked like when they first arrived. 

The view today of what Brigham saw.

Just extra happy to be there, I guess. 

Utah is the beautiful place I call home, and I am grateful for a Saturday spent exploring some of it's little treasures. 


look what I can do

Pretty neat huh?

Who else is spending their Friday night seeing The Vow?
It's going to be an estrogen party, and you're all invited. 


girly saturday

The O'Gwin boys went to a gun show Saturday afternoon, so my mother-in-law treated me and my sister Caitie to a day at Gardner Village and The Wood Connection.
Which if you didn't already know, is where Pinterest dreams come true.

Apparently I have been living under a Utah Valley rock. I had no clue these fine places existed.
And if you have been living under the same rock, I suggest you click the links above and have yourself a girly adventure this weekend.

I walked away with a polka-dot scarf, and a Valentines craft. Success.

And I am officially addicted to crafting. Which just makes me the perfect LDS stereotypical wifey, all I need is some casserole baking know-how, and a baby on my hip.

Gardener Village with Miss Caitie. 

my adorable craft, if I do say so myself!

I've never actually had a lot of faith in my craftiness. Scrap-booking has been an epic fail. 
But I think I am going to get along with wood and modge-podge just fine. 
Pictures of my craft successes to come. I hope. 

Gosh. Blogging about crafting... if you weren't already wondering why you read this blog, I bet you are now. 
Bare with me, something brilliant is bound to come out sooner or later. 



I received a mean comment on this little blog the other day.
I'm not sure why someone would take the time to write hurtful comments, obviously not someone worth my time.
But the comment, or maybe it was the act itself rather than the actual words, really hurt my feelings.
It still crosses my mind in moments when I'm left with my thoughts.

So I just wanted to say thank you.
thank you to talented writers who take the time to blog.
thank you to less talented writers who do it just cause they enjoy it.
thank you to those who blog with pictures and no words.
thank you to those who blog with pure words.
thank you to those who blog for their families and friends.
thank you to those who blog to document their life.
thank you to those who blog to influence and inspire.
thank you to those who's blogs I'd honestly rather skim than read.

I think it takes a certain amount of courage to blog.
And I cannot knock anyone who takes the time to write their own words. Especially the ones who choose to share them.
Whether you do it well or not, I can't think of a better way to pass the time.
I truly think the world would be a better place if more people wrote,
and read for that matter.
You won't find me encouraging any of you to do otherwise.

I never claimed this blog was going to be worth reading. I never claimed I would make you laugh. I never claimed I would inspire. I never even claimed to be grammatically correct. And I never asked you to sit there and take the time to read me. Or even skim me.

But I appreciate everyone who does.
So thank you.



Sometimes when I am in Sociology, and my teacher rambles on about society now and society in the medieval ages, I think about living way back then.
And sometimes I start thinking maybe I'd like to try it.
I realize there were little to no medical advancements, low expectations for cleanliness, no democracy, and no LDS church. I admit that's not exactly ideal.
But as I start another semester, I can't help but wish I was learning some sort of trade, instead of working my butt off in college to disappoint my parents with B's and C's.

Why am I not a blacksmith? Why am I not welding right now?

In realization of my ungrateful and unrealistic attitude, I will say I love learning.
I also love cars, cell phones, flushing toilets, and Excedrin PM.

Don't be fooled by the blogging, or using photo-booth during class, 

My husband

he's a keeper. 

Real post, possibly containing full sentences, coming soon.