February 14th

Valentines Day for me looked like this.

isn't his arrangement just adorable?

He knows me so well. 

Valentines Day for Zane looked like this.

Shame on me for not getting better and more pictures of what I gave him, but more or less, a breakfast of a dozen donuts, a selfess date night to Happy Sumo, and a shirt to replace the shirt I ruined by turning it pink in the wash last week.
Plus, a cutesy poem to tie them all together. 

Followed by dinner at Chilli's. I'm a cheap date. 

Finished off by watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Which we decided is our newest tradition. 

* note. 
I do not use Tonic Water to water down my alcoholic beverages. It's just yummy.


  1. Cute! OH and I am so glad I read this, I had no idea Fun. was coming! so there.

  2. i just found your blog and i absolutely LOVE it! the end. :)


  3. yippee for love! seriously, cutest thing ever. I strive to be like you guys... nikki tells me all these stories, brings tears to my eyes. So happy for you :)