Sometimes when I am in Sociology, and my teacher rambles on about society now and society in the medieval ages, I think about living way back then.
And sometimes I start thinking maybe I'd like to try it.
I realize there were little to no medical advancements, low expectations for cleanliness, no democracy, and no LDS church. I admit that's not exactly ideal.
But as I start another semester, I can't help but wish I was learning some sort of trade, instead of working my butt off in college to disappoint my parents with B's and C's.

Why am I not a blacksmith? Why am I not welding right now?

In realization of my ungrateful and unrealistic attitude, I will say I love learning.
I also love cars, cell phones, flushing toilets, and Excedrin PM.

Don't be fooled by the blogging, or using photo-booth during class, 

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