stepping stones

Zane and I have been married 6 months today.
We are practically veterans.

We will be celebrating by spending almost the entire day apart; due to conflicting work, and school schedules.But we love each other just the same. 

So cheers to us!


getting back into the groove

I've been neglecting the blog. I know this, and I'm working on it.

Tomorrow morning my Niece, Nephew, and siblings from Georgia leave for home.
It has been so much fun to have them here. It's bitter sweet to see them go.

At some unknown moment in my life, I apparently fell in love with babies. I realize I am one of the last people on earth to jump on that bandwagon, I just never remember being drawn to children.
My mom told me I shouldn't tell people that. It's not the most charming trait.

These days playing with my sweet 10 month old niece seems like a perfectly heavenly way to pass the time.

It's interesting to notice changes within myself happening this late in life. I mean, I realize I am young, but aren't I supposed to be a grown woman now? Weren't those years in jr. high and high school all about finding out who we really are?
And here I am, 20, and ever changing.

All my changes may not necessarily be as positive as baby loving, but I'm enjoying the never ending process of rediscovering myself.
And isn't it kind of comforting to know change IS possible?

Looks like you can teach an old, okay still young but not as young as before, dog new tricks.

Bye-bye cute kiddos!


Sometimes there just isn't anything to blog about.
No worthy thoughts, no life experiences, and no pictures.
But I am alive.

There has been a lot of Friday Night Lights, and Grey's Anatomy watching.
A couple of naps. Too few trips to the gym.
Lots of work, and schooling for Zane.
A minor back injury, and a couple of headaches. Always some tears.
There actually was a trip to the pool, a nice lunch with friends, another lunch with sisters, a wedding, and a shopping trip with my mom. Alas, no pictures were taken, and somehow I can't manage an interesting sentence to be written about any of the above. Though they all were fabulous.
There has been plenty of time with the niece and nephew, and only 1,000 pictures of the same cute little faces. But I think I'll spare you, and save them for the family members who unconditionally adore them.

Despite the speechlessness of the last week or so, life is good.

But I'm still crossing my fingers this weekend gives me something to talk about.
Happy Friday!


must be true, company's here

My niece and nephew are visiting from Georgia.

Needless to say, we're loving every second of it. 
These two will keep everyone busy for the next two weeks;
 prepare yourself for adorable picture overload, and maybe a clip or two.

1st item of business, the sandbox. 


this or that

Tonight I could have been listening to this live...

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Bryce Avery.

Instead of being at The Venue tonight, I was in my mother-in-law's basement watching The Bachelorette.
Not much of a comparison there.

But it was an exceptionally good episode, and I do have exceptionally amazing in-laws, so it's okay.

I'll see you next year Bryce.


a weekend of reminders

This weekend we made a little trip to Rockville, Utah.
We have a great deal of family history down there, and when I was a little girl we used to visit all the time. 
Since I've grown up, visits became less frequent. I guess I figured I had grown out of the family farm as well. 
It turns out that couldn't have be more wrong. 

It was so peaceful to be down there in the sun, with my family, away from all of the world.
Connecting with my family, and being able to share those people, and that place, with Zane, was a perfect getaway.  

Weekends like the one I had, remind us what's really important in life. 
These are the memories that you cherish at the end of the day. 
This weekend is reality... That's the best way I can put it. 

And I only took a little over 500 pictures, so just be grateful I only chose a large handful to post here. 

Lots of memories at this place

 It's a pony

Hiking to Emerald Pools

 That is a guitar made from a bucket. 

Hello sexy husband.

I hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend!


it doesn't get deeper than this

What is it about clothes that completely consumes me?
Okay, not completely, but it's an intense love.

Even when I'm at the point I'm stealing Zane's hangers, or I'm struggling to squeeze another shirt in my closet, or how my closet somehow still looks full when half my clothes are laying on the floor, why do I feel like I need more?
I guess a better word choice would be REALLY want more.

Zane thinks it's hilarious.
Especially when we just finished having a nice, tender talk about our relationship, and we fall silent, and then he turns to me and asks, "What are you thinking about?"
And I reply, "What I'm going to wear tomorrow."

I recently accepted it might be an addiction when I was laying on my bed, writhing in pain from a migraine that was quickly turning into nausea, and realize the only thing that makes the pain bearable is if I imagine putting together different outfits, using some articles of clothing I don't even own (yet).

You'd think I'd manage to look a bit more stylish with all the thought I put into clothes, but it's really only the shopping I've mastered. Getting creative with what I've got is a work in progress.

I realize after writing all this down, that I sound incredibly materialistic, and maybe a bit vapid. Judge if you must, but hey, I know I'm not the only girl out there with this problem.

So someone tell me why, and how in the world, some cuts of cloth can bring me so much pure joy?

Here's what's haunting my dreams, and filling up my Nordstrom bag, as of late.

oh if I had a million dollars... 


I'm not depressed I promise.

Zane and I stayed up till 2 am watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix last night, and this afternoon I made him dance with me in our little office.

It felt a little like summer, and a lot like love. 



I have always been a summer girl.
It seems to suit me finer than the other seasons, though spring is a close second.

This is my first summer as a self proclaimed adult, and I've found myself wondering what does summer even mean to me now?

It's not playing till 4 in the morning.
It's no longer sleeping in till noon.
It's not endless hours at the pool.
It's not tan skin, shorts, and tank tops.
It's not vacation. It's not stress free.

It's June, and as childish as it seems, this realization has left me feeling a little sad. Something that has brought me naive happiness for 19 years, is loosing it's luster.

My days are not hard by any means. I will be the first to admit that I am a lucky girl, with a good life.
I guess I'm just having my first lick of a real life adjustment, as silly as it may seem.

I have 3 months to find the magic of summer.
I have a feeling there's more to it than the strict definition I've always limited it to.
I just haven't figured it out yet...

some thoughts before I start my weekend

- 3 dreams about Justin Bieber in 1 week. I'm not sure if I should be thrilled, or concerned.

- I won the little contest at my job, and I'm feelin' pretty proud.

- "Zombie" attacks in Florida, AND in Maryland... What. the. heck. This world is becoming a pretty scary place people, and only the comic book and Walking Dead nerds are prepared.

- I got eyelash extensions as a birthday gift to myself. Barely over a week later, I have officially picked them all off. One of my quirkier moments in life to be sure.
Some mascara and eye liner, and you can hardly tell I've only got stubs for lashes.

Happy Weekend Everyone!