I have always been a summer girl.
It seems to suit me finer than the other seasons, though spring is a close second.

This is my first summer as a self proclaimed adult, and I've found myself wondering what does summer even mean to me now?

It's not playing till 4 in the morning.
It's no longer sleeping in till noon.
It's not endless hours at the pool.
It's not tan skin, shorts, and tank tops.
It's not vacation. It's not stress free.

It's June, and as childish as it seems, this realization has left me feeling a little sad. Something that has brought me naive happiness for 19 years, is loosing it's luster.

My days are not hard by any means. I will be the first to admit that I am a lucky girl, with a good life.
I guess I'm just having my first lick of a real life adjustment, as silly as it may seem.

I have 3 months to find the magic of summer.
I have a feeling there's more to it than the strict definition I've always limited it to.
I just haven't figured it out yet...


  1. Been following for a while, and I really love your blog, but entries like this make me so sad. Since when could adults not enjoy the sun, lie ins in the mornings or tank tops? Surely part of being an adult is the joy in deciding exactly who you want to be, and where you want to be, and how you want to do it? Obviously growing up and getting married brings certain responsibilities, but I don't know many adults, even married ones and mothers, who refuse tank tops or lounging out in the sun and making the most of Summer. I follow a lot of blogs from people a lot older than you, and they're all gearing up to summer and getting excited for the season for exactly the reasons you list as things you can no longer do. Being an adult does not mean denying yourself who you are. You don't metamorphose into an entirely new person the moment you hit 18, 21, or get married. I say enjoy summer, we only get one shot at it each year!

  2. Your post is beautiful! follow each other?:X


  3. I'm sorry you're having a hard time adjusting! Transitions are rough stuff.

    My favorite part of summer is the longer summer days. I've found that when we plan to do fun summer-timey things after work, it helps things be lots of fun in spite of the whole being grown-up thing (or pretending to be grown-up thing? I still haven't figured that part out).

    It doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some suggestions: Throw a picnic together and head up the canyon for dinner. Go to an outdoor movie or concert. Run through a sprinkler. Eat popsicles. Make lemonade. Go star gazing. Go play on some waterslides (lots of water parks are open until 8:00). Watch The Sandlot. Go buy a watermelon so big that it is impractical for two people. Attack your husband with a water gun when he walks in the front door. Take a weekend trip. Take lots of pictures of your summertime adventure.

    Summer magic shouldn't prove too hard to come by...I mean, you do live with a magician.