lately according to my iphone...

which I can now say, since I finally got an iphone!!! Three exclamation points necessary.
I may, or may not, be one of the last people in america, but better late than never I always say.

a shopping date with miss Sue

a new dress from my cute mom. 

date night with Zane. 

These boys. Best friends since elementary school, and brothers for life.
so much love in the room. 

Last, but not least, my sister worked the Teen Choice Awards. 
I realize this has absolutely nothing to with for me, or my week, 
but she is amazing. 
I am filled with so much pride, and a bit a of jealousy, for this girl. 
I mean, look at her! She's adore. 

So I've been a little obsessed with the new phone. With all the instragrams, and of course my pet hotel, and zoo, and my bakery, I've neglected the blog.
The infatuation is going strong, but I'm determined to find balance.
More consistant blogging to come.


home sweet home

hello blog. Long time no see.

Growing up I was blessed to be able to vacation with my family to all sorts of fabulous places; New Port Beach, Hawaii, a Mexican Riviera Cruise, and my all time favorite, Greece.
I have been spoiled.
I hope one day I can spoil my future family the same way.
Currently my bank account says not a chance.

But I started realizing months ago, there is so much in my little state of Utah that I've yet to see. How can I desire to know the world, before I know my own home?
Thus, I have written somewhat of a to-do list.
A list of things of adventures, silly and amazing.

This weekend was the perfect opportunity to knock something off the list. My adorable sister was in town with some friends for the weekend. Her friends, one from Indiana, one from California, have never been to Utah.
She took them to Zion's on the way over, and the next day we made a plan to hike to Timpanogos Cave.

I have hiked to the caves before, but it's been at least 12 years. I was overdue for a visit. A visit I will actually be old enough to remember.

It was amazing. It is kind of eerily beautiful. As cliche as it sounds, caves are mysterious to me, and I find them so interesting. Or I find "it" interesting, since I've only been to one.
Going through the tour I am as eager to understand as the 8 year old boy standing next to me.

If you haven't been, GO! It's a good hike, and it's a beaut.

The group outside the cave entrance. 
Why is my husband's $10 target sweatshirt my favorite thing I've worn in months?

 I love my tan tis. 

The heart of the cave. 5'6 and 4,000 pounds. what!?

I loved waking up super early feeling satisfied with how I spent my weekend.
Utah has so much to offer, and I love exploring it with my family.

Anyone have anything I need to add to my Utah adventure list? 
Suggestions welcome.


I like you

Recently I was reunited with a very special game. 
A game no one except my Utah State friendsies will play with me, and boy have I been missing it. 
More importantly, I was reunited with some very special people. 
Even though it means Lindsey wins. again. pre-freaking-dictable. Losing is worth it for a couple hours with these friends. 
For a moment, it's like nothing changed. We are all living in the same city, with no responsibilities, playing our favorite game into the wee hours of the morning. 
Except we watch our potty-mouths a bit more under Zane's roof, and it ends around 10 PM. 

And though it smells, and they evacuate the wave pool every 15 minutes because another kid pooped, I will even go to Seven Peaks if it means a couple hours of quality time with these people. 

"If we were to go there, which we're not, but if we did"... long story short, 
matching glasses and proud of it. 

Marriage. Jobs. School. It all takes up a great deal of time, and energy.
Priorities have to be rearranged sometimes.
I love my friends. I love their gorgeous little faces.
I know they are apart of life's plan for happiness, and quite frankly I just need them.
Whether it's weekly or monthly, I'm glad they instantly make me feel at home with insulting jokes laced with love, and the latest gossip.
Thank you, thank you, for getting me through the high school days, and continuing to love me now that I'm a married bore. I like you guys.

So here's to good friends, who make life exactly how it's supposed to be. 


love love love

Just saw The Amazing Spider-Man. Again. 
Still awesome. 
It's made me fall in love with this Coldplay song. Why I didn't know about it sooner, is an upsetting mystery.
So here you go,
I even picked a lovely spiderman montage video off youtube for your enjoyment. 

Okay, so the video only has like 3 pictures. Disappointing, I know. 


Happy 4th

Last year this time, I met the O'Gwin family for the first time. So much has happened since then, 
but nothing about the way the O'Gwins celebrate the 4th changed a bit. 

We made a day of it to be sure. 
We woke up around 5:30 to see the balloons, unfortunately we were a little late.  We made it in enough time to see them rise over the hospital, as we watched from the parking lot. At least that way we missed the traffic and the breakfast rush. 

Next, we were off to Village Inn for some breakfast, and then headed home to relax, and shoot off a couple parachute fireworks. And by a couple, I mean, a ton. 

Followed by my personal favorite part of the day, Spiderman!
My husband is quite the Spiderman nerd/expert. Those words can be used interchangeably can't they? 
I believe I'm allowed to say that considering he is my husband and I love him for it. 
Since Zane has come into my life, his loves became my loves. Well, actually not really, but at least the love for super-heros has (though not quite as much, I assure you.)
We absolutely loved the movie. It is probably my favorite superhero movie yet. Sorry Avengers, nothing personal.Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone?! Two of my favorites to be sure. Plus their dating in real life? I do love a love story within a love story. 
Go see it. 

After the movie we all lounged around, eating some delicious food, taking little naps, watched Independence Day, waited for the sun to go down, and the temperature with it. 
Finishing the night off, of course, with a couple hours of fireworks. 

wellp, it is what it is1

 Our first 4th of July murried

A firework addict right here, and a cute couple over there

I am so grateful for all the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States.
It was a perfect day of celebrating all our blessings with family.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Now back to reality, what a mean trick to have the 4th be in the middle of the week. 



In case you were wondering, I have been wearing this shirt for the last 3 days.

For those of you who haven't heard, my sister works at the Conan O'Brian show. By default that makes our family "team coco", and proud of it.
Basically wearing my Conan swag makes me feel like I'm the cool sister living out in California, meeting famous people and such.
I'm living vicariously through her, and my new shirt.

Sometimes she blogs, here. (but not often enough. Get on it Bri!)
And you can find a clip of her on the show, here.

And you can find me, here, where I've always been, in this t-shirt.


crafting is oh so fun

I spent a little time crafting with my mother-in-law this weekend.

I've never considered myself very creative, I still don't, but who doesn't love a little paint?
I remember as a kid doing craft workshops. The finished product never looked quite the way I hoped, but I always enjoyed myself regardless. 
These days it's a little harder to have patience with all the imperfections, but it's a fun way to spend time with your loved ones. 
I also believe exercising creativity is a great way to push myself, since I don't feel it comes very naturally. I always feel so proud of myself when I finished, just like I'm a little girl again.

Zane is always encouraging me to do more things like this, and I've begun noticing more and more how strongly the LDS church encourages "creating" as well.
I love this message from Elder Uchtdorf.

There are a million ways to be creative. I admire my friends who dance, all the amazing writers on the blogs I follow, my incredibly talented aunt who created my whole wedding, my uncle who excels in photography, my sisters various musical talents. I envy, and appreciate, all those talents, and expressions of creativity.
My little crafts are just one outlet that I can do, and that I've come to enjoy.

My favorite part about these little projects, is in the end, they help make our little home feel more and more like a warm, welcoming place to be; something I've always valued. 

Zane and I love living here in Utah with our families,
this place will always be extra special to us. 

Our door was looking a little bare. 
I've been wanting to add a little something for while now, 
I thought an O, for O'Gwin would be perfect.  

For those of you who live around here, I buy all my crafts from The Wood Connection in American Fork. They have the cutest ideas, I always want to walk out of there with 5 different projects. 

I hope with practice, I grow more confident, and become more comfortable
 with different ways to be creative. 

A musical event

Saturday morning Zane and I had the opportunity to go see a little production called "Cries of Freedom" at a local park.
I have two beautiful cousins who were performing in the show, and the did a fabulous job. They've got more talent in their little bodies than I've ever had. 

It was a perfect start to July, and all the patriotic celebrations that are around the corner. 
Some of the songs brought tears to my eyes, remembering all those who fought for our freedom here in the United States, and all those who are currently sacrificing their lives to do the same. 
I consider myself blessed to live in this beautiful country, and I am excited to celebrate that blessing all month long. 
Bring on the anthems, flags, fireworks, rodeos, productions,  parades, and bbq's!

For those of you who live around Orem, Utah, Cries of Freedom is still currently being preformed at the Scera Park. I encourage anyone who can, to make the time to go visit. It's a great way to celebrate with the whole family, and it's FREE! 

They all hand out little flags after the show. 
Ours are currently decorating our flower pots.

Congrats to Halle and Kaelin on doing such a great job!

How are you guys celebrating this month?