I like you

Recently I was reunited with a very special game. 
A game no one except my Utah State friendsies will play with me, and boy have I been missing it. 
More importantly, I was reunited with some very special people. 
Even though it means Lindsey wins. again. pre-freaking-dictable. Losing is worth it for a couple hours with these friends. 
For a moment, it's like nothing changed. We are all living in the same city, with no responsibilities, playing our favorite game into the wee hours of the morning. 
Except we watch our potty-mouths a bit more under Zane's roof, and it ends around 10 PM. 

And though it smells, and they evacuate the wave pool every 15 minutes because another kid pooped, I will even go to Seven Peaks if it means a couple hours of quality time with these people. 

"If we were to go there, which we're not, but if we did"... long story short, 
matching glasses and proud of it. 

Marriage. Jobs. School. It all takes up a great deal of time, and energy.
Priorities have to be rearranged sometimes.
I love my friends. I love their gorgeous little faces.
I know they are apart of life's plan for happiness, and quite frankly I just need them.
Whether it's weekly or monthly, I'm glad they instantly make me feel at home with insulting jokes laced with love, and the latest gossip.
Thank you, thank you, for getting me through the high school days, and continuing to love me now that I'm a married bore. I like you guys.

So here's to good friends, who make life exactly how it's supposed to be. 

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