crafting is oh so fun

I spent a little time crafting with my mother-in-law this weekend.

I've never considered myself very creative, I still don't, but who doesn't love a little paint?
I remember as a kid doing craft workshops. The finished product never looked quite the way I hoped, but I always enjoyed myself regardless. 
These days it's a little harder to have patience with all the imperfections, but it's a fun way to spend time with your loved ones. 
I also believe exercising creativity is a great way to push myself, since I don't feel it comes very naturally. I always feel so proud of myself when I finished, just like I'm a little girl again.

Zane is always encouraging me to do more things like this, and I've begun noticing more and more how strongly the LDS church encourages "creating" as well.
I love this message from Elder Uchtdorf.

There are a million ways to be creative. I admire my friends who dance, all the amazing writers on the blogs I follow, my incredibly talented aunt who created my whole wedding, my uncle who excels in photography, my sisters various musical talents. I envy, and appreciate, all those talents, and expressions of creativity.
My little crafts are just one outlet that I can do, and that I've come to enjoy.

My favorite part about these little projects, is in the end, they help make our little home feel more and more like a warm, welcoming place to be; something I've always valued. 

Zane and I love living here in Utah with our families,
this place will always be extra special to us. 

Our door was looking a little bare. 
I've been wanting to add a little something for while now, 
I thought an O, for O'Gwin would be perfect.  

For those of you who live around here, I buy all my crafts from The Wood Connection in American Fork. They have the cutest ideas, I always want to walk out of there with 5 different projects. 

I hope with practice, I grow more confident, and become more comfortable
 with different ways to be creative. 

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