A musical event

Saturday morning Zane and I had the opportunity to go see a little production called "Cries of Freedom" at a local park.
I have two beautiful cousins who were performing in the show, and the did a fabulous job. They've got more talent in their little bodies than I've ever had. 

It was a perfect start to July, and all the patriotic celebrations that are around the corner. 
Some of the songs brought tears to my eyes, remembering all those who fought for our freedom here in the United States, and all those who are currently sacrificing their lives to do the same. 
I consider myself blessed to live in this beautiful country, and I am excited to celebrate that blessing all month long. 
Bring on the anthems, flags, fireworks, rodeos, productions,  parades, and bbq's!

For those of you who live around Orem, Utah, Cries of Freedom is still currently being preformed at the Scera Park. I encourage anyone who can, to make the time to go visit. It's a great way to celebrate with the whole family, and it's FREE! 

They all hand out little flags after the show. 
Ours are currently decorating our flower pots.

Congrats to Halle and Kaelin on doing such a great job!

How are you guys celebrating this month?

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