an empty corner

What a silly little old dresser corner. 

I think it needs books and deodorant bottles on it to hide the scratches, and scuffs. Don't you?

PS. My husband is one amazing man. Happy 3 months to us. 


the media

Finally saw The Hunger Games last night with the husband, as a reward for ROCKING our biology exam.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though it gave me violent nightmares of my husband being stabbed. It's fine.

Do you know what else I enjoyed, Sarah's Key.
If you haven't netflixed that ish, you need to. And if you believe in reading before seeing, as I do, then you definitely need to pick up the book first. Equally amazing.

Speaking of reading, before seeing. I made the husband buy me "The Lucky One" so I could read it before the movies comes out. It was then I realized I truly am my mothers daughter, because after page 1 I realized I had already read this book. And I don't mean, "every Nicholas Sparks book is the same" already read it, but literally turned these exact pages before. 
19 is too young to be loosing my mind. 
Though in my defense, I have read a lot of books. 

But my next movie adventure, that I am not afraid to admit I am extremely excited about, is Titanic 3D! Thanks to my tender husband who remembered my obsession. We do already have out tickets, and at least one of us is looking forward to it. 

Anyone else read, or see, anything worth repeating?


Everyday I listen to the same radio show for the 15 minute drive to work. During this morning's 15 minute listen, they announced all the professions that have high depression and suicide rates. An uplifting way to start my day.
They consisted of, everything.
health care
social work
the entertainment industry
"office jobs"
and education.

Top 3 happiest careers,

What in the world is a surveyor? Regardless, I think that's where I might find myself a future.

Cheers to everyone in the bottom 3 choices.
Everybody else, we better hit the gym to release some endorphins or something.


home again

Although I was sure the universe wouldn't let me have my weekend get away, it did.
Not without a few hiccups though, of course.

Zane wasn't feeling so hot the day before we we're set to leave. He visited the doc and it turned out he had bronchitis. awesome.
Obviously my first thought was, poor poor hubby. But visions of my time in the sun crumbling around me quickly followed. I am so selfless.
Being the champ he is, Zane pulled it together and we managed to leave Friday as planned.

After we had arrived in St. George, and we went to bed that night I had a nightmare that I woke up the next morning, all swimsuited up, when everyone started laughing at me. It was pouring rain. I dropped to the floor and cried. I obviously have issues.

Saturday morning the sun was shinning, and I spent 4 hours soaking it up. Mission accomplished.

Soon after coming inside, I began to develop my own bronchitis symptoms. Zane and I made rather pathetic vacation buddies. I am not afraid to admit we both do a pretty terrible job of putting on a brave face, and a rather fantastic job of whining. Lots. Everyone loves us.

I did pull it together long enough to give slack lining an honest try. I wasn't half bad at it actually. I thought I had found me a new, oh lets be real, my only talent.
Until I slipped and slammed my ribcage on the line, completely knocking the wind out of me for the first time since I was 10 years old. pure panic. not to mention slightly embarrassing. But seriously, I was certain, in those 15 seconds, that I would never breathe again.
Turns out I lived. Miracles.
And that is how my dream of becoming a professional slack liner lived and died.

Such a good group of guys. 

some slack lining shots. 

sure do love him. note: I do not wear this outfit everyday. It just happens to be appearing in all my latest blog posts. I promise I shower and do my laundry.

Overall, the weekend was a success. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and that my husband has such impressive, good friends. I am constantly surrounded by uplifting people.
As always, I am most grateful for Zane. I got lucky, there is no other explanation.


a date with the sun

Spring break has come and gone. Where I spent all of my time doing basically nothing with the hubster, while watching others instagram their adventures in the sun. 
Don't get me wrong, relaxing with the husband is actually one of my favorite ways to pass the time, but I am desperate for some time laying by the pool in the sun. desperate. 
I managed to have a bit of mental breakdown on Friday because I am so vitamin D deficient. It came to tears unfortunately, hysterical tears, on the way to dinner with Zane. 
He had zero idea what to do with me. 
Who would? it was a bit of a joke, except that I was completely serious. 

Good news. I will be in St. George this weekend, before anyone's forced to institutionalize me. 
Sporting my new suit to boot. 

Brought to you by Nordstrom online shopping. 

Anyone else thinking swimsuit season snuck up on them a little too quickly?? I'm afraid my swimsuit body is a bit behind the sunshine. pfff, typical. 

Happy sun bathing everyone!



I didn't want to watch this at first.
I knew I would cry, and I did in the first 2 seconds.

It makes me wish I could go back to high school and do something different.
Been nicer, reached out to more kids, went out of my way to make others feel included.

Be nice. 


my true love

The sun is out, and that means Yogurtland is making a comeback.
I couldn't be happier. 
It's heaven in a bowl. 

If you're wondering what this delicious combination is, as you should be, 
I'll tell you. 
Plain Tart, mixed with Blueberry Tart, strawberries, banana's, and some blackberries. Top it off with crushed graham cracker, and some condensed milk.
Fruity enough that you don't feel guilty, sugary enough that you probably should.
I am confident is it the best combination ever. 

Zane unfortunately doesn't agree. He doesn't care too much for Yo-land. He also doesn't care too much for peanut-butter. Psycho. 
If he didn't agree to let me eat my yogurt, and my peanut-butter baked goods, I'm afraid we would be headed towards divorce. 
But he does, so the love remains. 

Cheers to a selfless husband, and spring weather treats.


title. title. title. I got nothin.

Zane and I had the opportunity to attend another sealing today.

And I am going to be honest with you, I am about ready to boycott all weddings in the Salt Lake Temple. 
Unless you are really from Salt Lake, isn't there another temple, say that's maybe not 40 minutes away? so I have time to eat some breakfast, and put some makeup on before I'm rushed out the door. 
or one that doesn't only have parking blocks from the actual temple? Running late in 4 inch heals is painful for everyone; me, trying to move as fast as possible in them, and everyone watching me fail miserably at my attempt to make it look graceful. 
I also managed to forget my recommend, which resulted in 20 very stressful minutes, and being seated only seconds before the bride and groom. 

Hungry, and stressed, I said a silent prayer that I could stop feeling irritated and focus on the feeling of being in the temple. 

The sealing was beautiful. I love the blessing of being reminded what promises I made, and what peace I felt on my own wedding day. 
My favorite part is when the sealer said, "At it's roots, love is a choice. It is more choice than a feeling" 
And while that may sound unromantic to some, I think it's pretty beautiful.
I also think that it applies to more than just love. 
We give emotions too much power, like they are something uncontrollable, but at the root of every emotion, is a choice. 
Including my choice to be frustrated this morning. 

The temple, the sun, and of course some cheese fries at Training Table were a pretty quick fix. 

gorgeous day. 

Doesn't the hubs look rather debonair with his mustache? 

I'm a happy camper now, 
and am off to take advantage of this weather with Mr. Zane. 


friday thoughts

I stumbled upon this.
I realize it's old news, but it's just too tender not to share.

Who else is grateful they're married to a wonderful person?
Who is looking forward to eventually marrying the right person?

On a completely unrelated note,
This is what I look like when I wake up. 
I thought my hair was looking pretty crazy, so naturally I wanted to capture the moment. but looking at the picture I decided it's not half bad. 
I think I might be able to go to work without even brushing it. 

Happy Friday!



I have been suffering from a serious head cold this past week or so.
which means the O'Gwin's house hasn't been even remotely exciting, because I'm the life of the party over here, duh.

I did manage to make some Banana Bread.
And some good Banana Bread at that, if I do say so myself.

Good for me, right?


I have been tagged. 


- Post these rules
- Post a photo and eleven random things about yourself
- Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
- Create eleven new questions for the people you tag
- Contact those you choose and let them know they've been tagged

1. I am fascinated by all things ocean. Sea world, aquariums in general, make me very happy. And as sadistic as it may sound, so does all things Titanic, and Shark Week. 

2. I just barely learned how to do my own hair. Which only consists of straight, curly, and bunned. Braids and all other fancies are still out of reach.

3. I'm still learning how to do laundry. I've ruined two of Zane's shirts and two of my own so far. 

4. I don't have TV, thus I don't watch it anymore. But New Girl, and Cougar Town are my weakness, so I make my parents save all episodes on the Tivo. 

5. The movie The Fourth Kind scared me so bad I slept in my parents room (age 18). I now refuse to watch scary movies at all. 

6. Before I got married I was sure I wouldn't want kids for years. Now I think about it everyday. uh-oh.

7. I've been growing out my hair for a year, and now I'm itching to cut it off. 

8. This random fact list isn't as interesting as my last one. Turns out I only have 10 interesting facts in me, and I left them on the floor last time I was tagged.

9.  I miss watching The Price is Right, but I know it won't be the same without Bob. 

10. I used to want to be a career woman, now I hope to be lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. Judge me if you must. 

11. My favorite color is still pink.

Miss Tregani Lanham asked me...

1. If someone were to compliment you what would you consider to be the ultimate compliment?

I like all compliments, except for maybe "wow, you can eat a lot" 
But I am extremely flattered when I receive a blog compliment. I take those really personally. 

2. Name two things you love about yourself?

I love my smile, and my fingernails actually. 

3. How many babies do you want to have?

Once upon a time, it was just 1 or 2. These days I am up to 4 or 6. 

4. If you won a date with a celebrity who would you choose?

Ryan Gosling, or on second thought, maybe JB. 

5. Have you watched the Kony video? If not you should

I have. If you haven't, get on it!

6. Favorite childhood movie?

The Thief and the Cobbler, I think I'd like to watch it right now actually.

7. What is the most beautiful thing you've seen in the past 24 hours?

My husband.

8. On a scale of 1-10 how clean is your car?

Well, I am currently in a rental car, so it's a 10 on the clean scale. I never want to part with it. 

9. What was the last thing you purchased?

A calendar, and some eye liner.

10. When you eat an ice cream sandwich do you take the wrapper off or do you leave part of it on?

I don't eat them very often, so it's hard to say. I'm pretty sure I take it all off. 

11. What are you wearing...and I mean that in the most non-perverted way?

haha um, some G's.

My 11 questions for those lucky few I tag:

1. If you were endowed with one super power, what would it be?
2. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
3. What is one food that you will not eat?
4. Why did you start blogging?
5. If you had to spend a day not using any technology, what would you do?
6. If you could be a cartoon character, who would you want to be?
7. When was the last time you cried?
8. Favorite smell?
9. Name two things you love about yourself? (stolen from Treg. It's a good thing to recognize.)
10.What's your biggest pet peeve?
11. What's one thing in your life now, that you never would have never predicted in your past?

I Tag:

Just do it, okay!?


Kony 2012

Just a moment ago, I was thinking about how I wish little-old-me could do something more.
Have an adventure. Make a difference.
Then I stumbled on this video, since it happens to be taking over my Facebook wall, and it inspired me.

This is a cause I'm ready to sign up for. 

Just watch it, and pass it on.


who am I?

My new favorite activity, if you could call it that, is browsing the internet for cute baby names. It's basically convinced me to have 20 children so I can use all of the names I've fallen in love with. 
I wrote all of the contestants down in my journal, but I cannot share them with you for fear that one of you will steal them. I also am afraid you'll tell me they're ugly, or make up an insulting rhyme and I won't be able to look at them the same. 

Who is this girl? what has marriage done to me!?

I'm not preggers though, so you can relax. 
Just leave me to my unhealthy addiction.