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Zane and I had the opportunity to attend another sealing today.

And I am going to be honest with you, I am about ready to boycott all weddings in the Salt Lake Temple. 
Unless you are really from Salt Lake, isn't there another temple, say that's maybe not 40 minutes away? so I have time to eat some breakfast, and put some makeup on before I'm rushed out the door. 
or one that doesn't only have parking blocks from the actual temple? Running late in 4 inch heals is painful for everyone; me, trying to move as fast as possible in them, and everyone watching me fail miserably at my attempt to make it look graceful. 
I also managed to forget my recommend, which resulted in 20 very stressful minutes, and being seated only seconds before the bride and groom. 

Hungry, and stressed, I said a silent prayer that I could stop feeling irritated and focus on the feeling of being in the temple. 

The sealing was beautiful. I love the blessing of being reminded what promises I made, and what peace I felt on my own wedding day. 
My favorite part is when the sealer said, "At it's roots, love is a choice. It is more choice than a feeling" 
And while that may sound unromantic to some, I think it's pretty beautiful.
I also think that it applies to more than just love. 
We give emotions too much power, like they are something uncontrollable, but at the root of every emotion, is a choice. 
Including my choice to be frustrated this morning. 

The temple, the sun, and of course some cheese fries at Training Table were a pretty quick fix. 

gorgeous day. 

Doesn't the hubs look rather debonair with his mustache? 

I'm a happy camper now, 
and am off to take advantage of this weather with Mr. Zane. 

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  1. This whole post was lovely, and I appreciated the message :)

    But what I really took away was that you FORGOT YOUR RECOMMEND?!? Dad and I laughed at you for a minute... And then he said he's not going to blog even though I tagged him.

    Love you tis