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Finally saw The Hunger Games last night with the husband, as a reward for ROCKING our biology exam.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though it gave me violent nightmares of my husband being stabbed. It's fine.

Do you know what else I enjoyed, Sarah's Key.
If you haven't netflixed that ish, you need to. And if you believe in reading before seeing, as I do, then you definitely need to pick up the book first. Equally amazing.

Speaking of reading, before seeing. I made the husband buy me "The Lucky One" so I could read it before the movies comes out. It was then I realized I truly am my mothers daughter, because after page 1 I realized I had already read this book. And I don't mean, "every Nicholas Sparks book is the same" already read it, but literally turned these exact pages before. 
19 is too young to be loosing my mind. 
Though in my defense, I have read a lot of books. 

But my next movie adventure, that I am not afraid to admit I am extremely excited about, is Titanic 3D! Thanks to my tender husband who remembered my obsession. We do already have out tickets, and at least one of us is looking forward to it. 

Anyone else read, or see, anything worth repeating?

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  1. im SO excited to see the titanic in 3D. im glad to know i'm not the only one!! ive also read the hunger games, & the lucky one. they were great. ill definitely read sarahs key! thanks :)