my true love

The sun is out, and that means Yogurtland is making a comeback.
I couldn't be happier. 
It's heaven in a bowl. 

If you're wondering what this delicious combination is, as you should be, 
I'll tell you. 
Plain Tart, mixed with Blueberry Tart, strawberries, banana's, and some blackberries. Top it off with crushed graham cracker, and some condensed milk.
Fruity enough that you don't feel guilty, sugary enough that you probably should.
I am confident is it the best combination ever. 

Zane unfortunately doesn't agree. He doesn't care too much for Yo-land. He also doesn't care too much for peanut-butter. Psycho. 
If he didn't agree to let me eat my yogurt, and my peanut-butter baked goods, I'm afraid we would be headed towards divorce. 
But he does, so the love remains. 

Cheers to a selfless husband, and spring weather treats.


  1. I'm a big fan of yogurtland! Here in Mexico it's already summer so I eat at least one everyday jajjajaja..... You have such a nice blog!!

    I hope that you can look my blog... I will be glad to follow you!


  2. That sounds amazing! When I was in the States I loved all the yoghurt places, in Australia there is nothing like that.