I guess I'm recommending books now

Last night around 9:30, I purchased "Fangirl" from my Nook library, and I finished about 2 AM.
I love finding a good book. I love finding a book that makes you want to call up your family and friends at 2 AM and let them know you found a must read, or shake your husband awake to tell him how much you enjoyed the last 4 hours of living in someone else's world.
I decided, in the end, that no one would think a book recommendation was worth being woken up for. (except for me maybe...)
This book also made me want to write. Made me wish I could REALLY write. But I'll settle for writing here, on my abandoned blog.
If you are looking for a simple, entertaining book, or maybe even a Christmas gift for the reader in your life, I am officially suggesting Fangirl.

There are just a few things I think you should know before you commit to a book based off my recommendation.
A. There are several F-words, but other than that, very clean.
B. There is a homosexual romance side story, if that's something you can't open your mind to, then I guess this book might not be the book for you. As someone who probably would steer clear of a gay/lesbian novel myself simply because it does not interest me, I ask you to give this one a chance.

I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I hardly bring my head out of the young adult section at the book store, unless it's the occasional attempt to conquer a classic. I do not wonder into contemporary literature, or "adult" fiction very often. I rarely even make it to the "chick lit". (All the cursing and sex is a little too much for this innocent.)
Fangirl would probably be found under the Chick Lit genre, a step outside the comfort zone for me. I was very pleasantly surprised.
It wasn't an all night page-turner in the sense that I needed to know what happened next.
I had to keep reading because I wasn't ready for it to end, even momentarily. Rainbow Rowell's writing is witty, hilarious, and relatable. The heroine's brain was a much more interesting to place to be than my own.

The Urban Dictionary definition of Fangirl is: A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Similar to the breed of fanboy.

Coming from a Hunger Games, Twilight, City of Bones obsessed ADULT, I relate to the main character's particular species of nerd. If that sounds familiar, then this is the book for you.
An easy transition for those mostly reading out of the young adult section.

It had me laughing out loud, isn't that all you can really ask for?

PS. I had NO idea fan-literature existed. Anyone ready any fan-lit blogs? Curious to see what's really out there on the topic.

PPS. I now have an account on Goodreads.com. Brookeogwin.


Viva Las Vegas, kind of

Wednesday night, or at least I am going to claim it was Wednesday night because I don't remember, and it doesn't particularly matter, Nate and Sagan called to ask if Zane and I would be interested in spending a couple of days in Vegas. 
The hotel room, for two nights, was only going to be about $45 total. And though the idea of a $45 hotel room makes me want to take a shower, we just couldn't say no to that deal. 

It was 70 degrees and sunny the entire time, so basically it was amazing. 
If I was to complain about anything (which I would never do because I am incredibly positive and  always see the best of every situation) I would complain about the fact that there was too much damn walking. So much walking that I think the d word was completely necessary, and in no way an exaggeration.
Some might say that if I had chosen more practical shoes, I might not have ended up with 5 blisters.
But those people would be wrong, it was an unavoidable consequence of all the damn walking. 
But since I never complain, we won't talk about it.

Okay, okay, curse words aside, it really was a much needed break from the doom and gloom that is life in a cubicle. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm so grateful that sometimes your family can be your best friends too. 
I'm also grateful that I married into such an easy going family, because there is only room for so much high maintenance in a family, and I'm enough work for the whole lot of us. 
Seriously, if we were pioneers, I'd be eaten before the family cow, because after 3 days of walking on the strip, I can promise you no one wants to trek it with this lady. 

p.s. just looked up the definition of high maintenance, "a system which requires a high degree of maintenance to ensure proper functioning and without which it is likely to break..."
I think I just found my new Instagram bio.


I never blog, it's fine.

but my sister did, and I just think she is the coolest thing.
She is my hero in so many ways.



a long weekend

This past weekend was a weekend of firsts for me.
My first night away from Zane, and my first time flying by myself.
I was pretty nervous about both, but having a sister weekend out in Burbank out weighed the cons.  Thus, I left Zane to sleep alone, and braved the airport all by my lonesome to visit Bri in California.

Unfortunately, in addition to being a terrible blogger, I am a terrible photographer. I took hardly any pictures, and even less worth sharing. (two new resolutions right there, add'em to the list)

My favorite part of the weekend, other than seeing my sister's pretty face, had to be touring the Warner Brothers lot where Bri works. Between being able to set foot on the set of one of my all time favorite shows, Gilmore Girls, and pretending I was a celebrity, it was basically a dream come true.

Hello Stars Hallow.

Other highlights include hot-tubing, giant pancakes, a comedy show, shopping, multimillion dollar house stalking in Beverly Hills, and last, but not least, the grilled cheese and pickle found below. 

It was a very laid back weekend of exploring Burbank, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and sisterly bonding.

Though I was very sad to leave a sister behind, I am very happy to be home with Zane, 
who buys me pretty flowers to show he missed me.

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!