Viva Las Vegas, kind of

Wednesday night, or at least I am going to claim it was Wednesday night because I don't remember, and it doesn't particularly matter, Nate and Sagan called to ask if Zane and I would be interested in spending a couple of days in Vegas. 
The hotel room, for two nights, was only going to be about $45 total. And though the idea of a $45 hotel room makes me want to take a shower, we just couldn't say no to that deal. 

It was 70 degrees and sunny the entire time, so basically it was amazing. 
If I was to complain about anything (which I would never do because I am incredibly positive and  always see the best of every situation) I would complain about the fact that there was too much damn walking. So much walking that I think the d word was completely necessary, and in no way an exaggeration.
Some might say that if I had chosen more practical shoes, I might not have ended up with 5 blisters.
But those people would be wrong, it was an unavoidable consequence of all the damn walking. 
But since I never complain, we won't talk about it.

Okay, okay, curse words aside, it really was a much needed break from the doom and gloom that is life in a cubicle. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm so grateful that sometimes your family can be your best friends too. 
I'm also grateful that I married into such an easy going family, because there is only room for so much high maintenance in a family, and I'm enough work for the whole lot of us. 
Seriously, if we were pioneers, I'd be eaten before the family cow, because after 3 days of walking on the strip, I can promise you no one wants to trek it with this lady. 

p.s. just looked up the definition of high maintenance, "a system which requires a high degree of maintenance to ensure proper functioning and without which it is likely to break..."
I think I just found my new Instagram bio.


  1. You make me laugh! I just said the same thing to Caitie and Sean when we were in Vegas, 'if I were with the pioneers they would just put me a bright yellow bonnet on me so they could keep track of me but let me walk by myself, because I would be the one saying all the cuss words!'
    So I guess what I'm sayin is you'd have a walking buddy:)

  2. I think it's time you blog again... I'm goign to text you because you'll probably never see this comment