sometimes puppies strengthen friendships

Once upon a time there were two best friends, who just so happened to adopt two cute puppies at the same time. And they all lived happily ever after with their constant puppy play dates. 

That fairytale is actually the story of my life. Surprise! 
Hillary and I have always been great friends, best friends since Freshman year at Utah State, but after I got married, and she got married, we just weren't spending as much time together anymore. It happens. 
But then we got these puppies, and it gave us a reason to get together. ALL THE TIME. And our dog's thank us, because now they are BFF's and it's almost too much happiness to handle. 

 8 weeks old 
 6 months old. 

We had a little date at the park last Saturday. Lindsey was in town so she brought her mom's little dog Rex to tag along. 
He was maybe half the size of Red, and one fourth of the size of Winnie, we thought they might smash him. 
He ended up surviving. 

I feel blessed to still have these high school friends of mine.
They make me happy, and fulfill my life in ways a husband just can't.
Who else would be willing to play hours of Karaoke with me? or put up with my cursing while I lose miserably at cards? or eat an entire bag of captain crunch with me at midnight?
or love that scary make-up-less face you see above?

Okay, maybe Zane would do all of those things. But having four people that love me that much?
nothing short of a miracle.


friends in California

About a month ago, my friend Hillary and I hatched a plan to go to California to celebrate her cute husband Michael's birthday.
My sister is currently working in Disneyland, and our good friend Jo Metcalf  is working at Conan. So basically everyone in my life is doing super cool things, and I felt the need to take advantage of that and live vicariously through them.  So we spent one day at Warner Brothers, and two days in Disneyland.
A million thank you's to both of them for making it all possible!

This was my first grown-up-friends-only vacation, and it was just super great. 
It's similar to a family vacation, but no one cries, and everyone gets along the WHOLE TIME. 

I love Michael and Hillary. I have been friends with them both since I was little, and feel so lucky that those friendships have lasted, and transferred into our marriages. We really had a blast. We got to do a lot of fun things, and take a break from everyday life. 

Fresh out of our 10 hour car ride, we went to Disneyland to participate in a little scavenger hunt my sister was working on. The park was closed down for the night, it was so cool to see Disneyland empty! Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. So fun, so magical. 

Friday we visited Jo at Warner Brothers. I had already done this with Bri last year, but Zane, Hill, and Michael had not, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Pluuus we got to see so many cool things I didn't get to see at my last visit.  

This house used to be the Gilmore Girl home in the glory days. Possibly my favorite show of all time, so this alone was a dream come true. 
It is used now as the back of Spencer's house in Pretty Little Liars. 

Hannah's house on Pretty Little Liars 

Just a set used for shows/movies set in New York City

Remember the one where Pheobe and Rachel go running?

The highlight of our trip to Warner Brothers was easily the Central Perk set from Friends. 
Every prop in there is straight from the Friends.

The famous couch.
Even the writing on the chalk board was left exactly how it was when the show ended, has not been touched in 10 years. Needless to say, we loved it. 

The rest of the trip was spent at the happiest place on earth.

Chip & Dale 

we're romantic 

Aren't Michael and Zane such good sports?

cutest couple


Sometimes life is so good. 


Commitment Ceremony

I have decided I am officially re-committed to blogging again.
In order for me to start fresh, let me sum up everything you've missed in the year I left you abandoned.


Okay, just kidding. Here's a quick list.

1. We are still in my parents basement, and lovin it.
2. Zane is still in school at UVU, but there IS an end in sight.
3. I went to dental assisting school, finished dental assisting school, and got a dental assisting job. I think...
4. Dallas is still alive
5. A plethora of different hair styles and colors

Which brings us to 6, the final and most important update, we got a DOG!

How many blog entries did I mention my puppy hunger? too many for you to find it interesting I am sure.
My parents made my dream come true in November by buying a perfect Australian Shepherd puppy for me and Zane. Zane named her Red. She is about 5 months old now, and we are truly obsessed with her. Which anyone following me on Instagram, or Facebook, has been painfully made aware of.

Let me promise you right now, I refuse to let this blog be taken over by my dog. But she will me mentioned, and photographed, occasionally, so bare with me.

It's not my fault my dog is as photogenic as Kate Upton, and smizes like a canine Tyra Banks.

Okay, now that you have been introduced to my dog child, we can move on.
See you on the blogosphere peeps!


I was looking through old pictures, papers, and other saved documents on this laptop of mine.
It has begun to run so slow because the memory is so chock full. Thus, I have promised Zane I will work on clearing up some space. While scrolling through some old papers from college, and old church talks, I stumbled upon a document titled "Zane's Ring".

Some of you who know me may know that occasionally I'll write little silly poems to go with gifts that I feel like need an extra somethin'. It can take a gift from simple, and unsurprising, to a cute little memorable package.

The Christmas before Zane and I got married, as one of his Christmas gifts I gave him his wedding ring. He obviously knew it was coming, but it's a pricey little sucker, and a symbol of something very sacred. I didn't want it to go over looked I suppose, so I wrote a little poem.

This morning I stumbled upon that poem, and value it more now than 2011 Brooke realized I would.

It goes as follows...

Poems are cheesy, I know. 
But it’s supposed to be cute, not a talent show. 
You already knew I would get you this ring.
But I want you to remember it’s a special thing.

It means that I’ll love you for better or worse,
it means that I’ll never make you hold my purse.
It means that I’ll kiss you good morning and night,
it means I’ll still love you after a fight.
It means that you’ll have to kill all the bugs,
but I will reward you with kisses and hugs.
It means you’ll have to check under the bed, and in the closet,
it means that you will have to fix every leaky faucet.
It means I’ll tickle your arms and play with your hair,
it means “I promise to always play fair.”
It means that you never have to be alone anymore,
It means that we’re blessed, no matter how poor. 
This ring means that I’m yours forever,

and honestly my love, what could be better?

Looking back on these words, I realize now, I basically wrote Zane vows. 
Although I may not have kept my word when it comes to holding my purse, everything else rings truer today than ever before. 

I am no Keats, but this long lost document just became a very special keepsake, and I think I shall keep it.

Who knew I was such a romantic?