sometimes puppies strengthen friendships

Once upon a time there were two best friends, who just so happened to adopt two cute puppies at the same time. And they all lived happily ever after with their constant puppy play dates. 

That fairytale is actually the story of my life. Surprise! 
Hillary and I have always been great friends, best friends since Freshman year at Utah State, but after I got married, and she got married, we just weren't spending as much time together anymore. It happens. 
But then we got these puppies, and it gave us a reason to get together. ALL THE TIME. And our dog's thank us, because now they are BFF's and it's almost too much happiness to handle. 

 8 weeks old 
 6 months old. 

We had a little date at the park last Saturday. Lindsey was in town so she brought her mom's little dog Rex to tag along. 
He was maybe half the size of Red, and one fourth of the size of Winnie, we thought they might smash him. 
He ended up surviving. 

I feel blessed to still have these high school friends of mine.
They make me happy, and fulfill my life in ways a husband just can't.
Who else would be willing to play hours of Karaoke with me? or put up with my cursing while I lose miserably at cards? or eat an entire bag of captain crunch with me at midnight?
or love that scary make-up-less face you see above?

Okay, maybe Zane would do all of those things. But having four people that love me that much?
nothing short of a miracle.

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