wedding bells

My sister-in-law Caitie got married a couple of weeks ago.
She was the last of the O'Gwins to tie the knot. She dated, and dated, and dated and we all wondered if she would find someone who fits in the O'Gwin family puzzle perfectly. It's a hard puzzle to solve with brothers as close knit as the O'Gwin boys, and a mother-daughter bond as tight as Missy and Caities. Not to mention the perfection that is Sean and Missy's marriage as an example, talk about shoes to fill.
But, of course, things have a way of falling into place, and they did with Derek.

The wedding day was beautiful. Perfect weather, lots of great company, and even greater food. (waffle's can be found below)

Caitie always eventually welcomed me into the family with open arms, and we have been close ever since. I am so happy for her, and Derek. Three cheers for marriage! hip-hip

But really, this was probably my favorite part.