Zane and I have officially been married for 1 year. I can hardly believe it. 
I' can't remember the moment where I said to myself, okay, this is forever, what's it gonna be?
Being with Zane has always just been second nature. And here we are, 365 days of marriage later. 
He makes it easy, that Zane of mine. 
So happy anniversary to me. 

We celebrated with a weekend in Salt Lake City, and some very old wedding cake. 


happy holidays

We have been thoroughly enjoying the holiday this past week.
It basically felt like a little piece heaven to take off a couple days of work to sleep in, and spend time with family. Plus the non-stop snow is just the icing on top of my winter cake.

Lately I have been kind of terrible at taking pictures. Please forgive me and enjoy my favorite 2 pictures of the few I did take this Christmas.


I hope everyone had a happy holiday!

ps. I instagram more often than I blog, so if you're missing me something terrible, you can find me at @brookeogwin


I'm still here

just neglecting the blog. 
Do you ever read other people's blogs? Their fabulous, witty, adorable, original blogs, and think... 
"I'm totally out of my league over here on the blogosphere."
I do. 
It's in these moments, like every time I face decisions and chores in life, where I choose to ignore the problem completely, and hope when I hope my eyes the problem somehow solved itself. (rare.)

Well I opened my eyes today, and this old blog is as plain Jane as it was when I left it.

Would you let it go for awhile if I told you I'm still figuring out my blog identity? 

In the meantime, the real life identity just got herself some bangs.

That literally is the most exciting thing that has happened around here in weeks.
And that's fine by me.


that one time I went to Disneyland, again

And it was filled with pure Disney joy..

I was team Donald,

I saw this pretty sister of mine, 

we had tender marriage moments,

We ate churros, and wrapped sweatshirts around our waists,

We went to cars land,

I got pretty excited about it,

I ate this tiny tiny, delicious, taco, 

I got sick of looking chubby and greasy, so this became the go-to pose,

we tried to look cute, 

we hid from the rain,

Zane rode Splash Mountain by himself, ruining some poor families photo,

And this guy, looked this handsome, the whole time. 

What've you been up to?