The Happiest Place on Earth

I am lame.
Here I am in my hotel room by myself during my family vacation to Disneyland.
And even more lame than being in a hotel all alone, is the fact that I actually WANT to be here. 
I have been having fun, don't get me wrong, I am just having a hard time finding my inner child. 

My sister works for Disney. Specifically on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyworld.
She is a master at finding her inner chid.
She never gets sick of disney. 
Although my Dad, cousin Nick, and I are doing the best we can to keep up with Bri, (them more than me I'm ashamed to admit.) I am pretty sure she is wishing she had a more exciting group with her right now to enjoy the magic. 
Who can blame her? I am sitting in the hotel...

But after two days of lines, smells, rides, motion, people, walking, standing, eating, aching feet, ect. I am getting a little worn out. 
Not to mention the fact that because Nick and my dad snore. (Loudly. in unison.)
And the people in the room next to us are very loud at night, I am not getting very much sleep. 
Nothing kills my inner child faster than lack of sleep and aching feet. 

So here I am, taking a bubble bath, eating a blue berry muffin, and sitting on Facebook being LAME.  
And I am loving it. 

I have a new found respect for those 18 and older who can still manage to find their inner child. Kudos to you. 

As for me, I am going to stick to being lame. Don't judge me. 

Some pictures to prove I did leave this hotel room..

My inner child at it's best


Brown Hair

Wednesday texting conversation with Braden...

Braden: "so what have you been up to?"

Me: "Well I have brown hair..."

Braden: "Picture. Now."

Thats right. I dyed my hair brown people!
This is a big deal apparently. When I sat down in my stylist's chair I honestly had no idea dying my hair a different color was such an event.
I really didn't think to much about the decision, it was very impromptu. My sister and the hair stylist said "You should dye it brown!" and as it turns out, I am very susceptible  to peer pressure.

6 hours later...
(yes six actual hours, no exaggeration.. )

But it some lights it looks a little black.
My 80 year old grandpa, uncle, and boyfriend keep calling it black. Not my favorite.
In fact, after spending 6 hours sitting in the salon and coming home to a LIVID mother telling me she hates it, I am NOT loving it..
I'm actually feeling a little emotional about it, and I spend a good 1o minutes crying.

A good nights sleep and a shower later, I am feeling much better.
All of my friends and family (minus mom, dad, and Gladys) love it.
Or at least they say they do, and thats fine because I cannot handle hearing anything else at this point. Im feeling a little emotionally unstable.

I am beginning to really love it though.
I tell myself it's very Rachel McAdams, if you will.
I realize I look nothing like Rachel McAdams, but like I said, emotionally unstable.

Give me about a week and I will be loving it, and no longer in denial about the fact that I do not look like a celebrity.

Because some of my friends thought I was lying when I told them, I have proof.
Pictures of my hair and Thanksgiving that I don't hate...

6 hours...

we're ready for christmas

My cute cousin

My cute, but not thrilled, parentals

And no I didn't dye my eyebrows too. They have always been this dark. I hate to break it to the haters, but Im not a natural blonde. Sorry Grandma.

If you don't like it, try to remember my emotional state and tell me some other time.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Doing Nothing

So I am a little bit morally opposed to even mentioning this brooding "storm", that is apparently big enough to shut down BYU, because EVERYONE has been talking about it. I didn't want to be one of those people.
But here I am. Mentioning the storm.

I only mention it because Braden and Alysha are out of town, and CC is popular. Meaning, I have very little to do on this winter break, during this HUGE storm.

Though you all had some valuable suggestions on my last post, I have yet to get around to doing any of them... sorry..
The reason why though, is because I have discovered I like doing nothing.

Today I spent some quality time at Borders with my mom, then ate dinner with Dad, and finally spent the rest of the night wrapped in a blanket by my mom's cute new christmas tree, reading.
Reading a book that I bought and will also finish tonight. Thanks to a suggestion by a friend :)
I thought I would be bored, and lonely, missing a few of my favorite people, but I am perfectly content. My house is quite, the storm outside makes being inside even more satisfying, my book is entertaining, and my parents are adorable.

It is so easy, at least for me, to get caught up in the stress of school, my unhealthy desire for new clothes, and feeling the need to spend all my free time having fun with friends. I am one of those annoying teenagers. How depressing.
My day of family, reading, and relaxing has been refreshing. I honestly feel healthier, like I had a little life detox.

So on day 1 of my official thanksgiving break, I am Grateful for the simple things.
Like my cute family and a good book :)

What are you thankful for?


Cheap Ideas

To no surprise, I am coming home again this weekend.
It will most likely be a long weekend, since Thanksgiving break starts Tuesday evening.
So all I need from you, my 13 followers, is to tell me some things to do this long weekend home?!
I don't have a lot of money, so please make some suggestions I can afford to do.
Also, if these suggestions had something to do with the holiday season, even more fun!
No suggestion is beneath me..
I need some ideas people. Comment away! :)


Book Worms

Alysha texted me the other day and asked if she could borrow a book to read over Thanksgiving break.
I laughed out loud. 
Alysha does not read.
Other than scripture and textbooks, I have never seen her read a thing.
She argues that she is already 100 pages into a novel, but based off past performances she'll stop in the next 100 pages. 
It is a common problem and isn't the worst one the world; there are more important qualities to have that Lysh has mastered and I haven't. 
But I am the Queen of reading :)
One of the many things I got from my mama. 
I  love  reading.
Maybe more than reading, I love Borders
I could, and often do, sit in Borders for hours. Browsing for nothing specific, drinking a coco trio, just inhaling the smell of new books.

So when Lysha shared with me her goal to start reading more, I decided to take her to Borders. I am always a little more than eager to share with people my love for books and Borders. For some reason I am convinced they will fall in love with it the same way I have.
They never do. 
But Alysha and I went anyway. She patiently looked at books and sat in the cafe with me. I was actually holding out on her, I tried to be quick so she wouldn't get too frustrated... :)
Alysha walked away with no books, only because I own all the good ones and she can simply borrow. I walked away with 1 new read.
During the school year it is always harder for me to keep up with reading for pleasure, so I am excited to take a little break from the studies.

Hopefully Alysha discovers a book that will change her attitude about reading, so I can get her to come with me again. And maybe I won't hold back :)

Any book recommendations for my next trip to Borders??? I need some suggestions!


Almost Famous

I had another run in with fame since my appearance on USPN.
My sister is in the film program at BYU, and had to make a little movie this weekend.
It just so happened that Braden, CC, and I were the actors in this production.

When the movie is cut and ready to be viewed, I will post it on here for you all to see. Until then, I am not going to explain the complicated plot so you are all on the edge of your seat when you finally see it.

What I will say is that it was a lot of fun, but mostly really tiring.
I underestimated the task of being an actor.
My body was aching after hours of trying to be an even mediocre actress.

I felt a little ridiculous and I was tired of doing the same scene over and over, in multiple camera angles.
But, I had a good time dressing up and laughing non-stop with my best friends.
I hope Bri has time to make a blooper video, cause there was LOTS.

It was a fun little experience.

Suzy and Carl

The Film Crew

Suzy and her best friend Bonnie

The Actors :)

In the end my secret dreams of becoming truly famous were crushed.
You will see why when I post the movie.


Tender Doggy

So if you didn't know, I have the cutest dog EVER.
I think dogs are kind of like babies, you always think yours is cuter than all the other babies. And lets face it, some babies really are cuter than the rest.
My dog is one of those babies. 
The best thing about my dog is that she is such a tender!

Sometimes my dad has to give my not so cute cat a bath. The cat doesn't enjoy it, and likes to complain the whole time. He is dramatic like that. 
The tender part is that Dallas, my dog, is so concerned about my cats welfare. 
Dallas has some serious motherly instincts.

I am the worst videographer ever. I like to turn my camera so when I upload it to my computer you have to tilt your head to watch. It's also 20 seconds too long.
Sorry about that.. 

Is it a little sadistic that I am laughing?
The cat is okay, and as soon as he gets out of the bath, Dallas licks her clean like a sweet tender mommy dog. 

Tell me my dog isn't the cutest!?



I already finished my paper, minus a few revisions here and there.
so here I am blogging, a day later. You guys all knew I couldn't stay away huh?!

The cold weather has officially set in here in Logan. 
It snowed yesterday, and it's supposed to snow today and tomorrow.
Even without the snow, it is FREEZING outside. 

Normally when winter season rolls around I am not too torn up about it, because I am sick of the in between season wear. I am ready to wear my winter wear!
Not a little combination of spring, fall, and summer wear, my wardrobe has been confused!

So now that it is time for just plain winter wear, I am a little disappointed to learn that I can no longer wear clothes just for the fashion, I have to consider the function. BLAAH

Determined to mix fashion with functionality, I have bought myself some BOGS.
(well mom bought them actually...)

I wore them all day today and yesterday, trying to break them in for when the weather gets real serious. 
(I have blisters now)

I get some strange looks, and I even get people asking some questions.
But, my roommate and my friend down the hall want their own pair now.
You could say I'm a trendsetter. 

What are BOGS?!
They are the greatest shoes ever. They are so comfortable, supportive, snug and warm. They supposedly keep your feet warm and dry in -40 degrees, but i'd rather not test it. They are the boots to get me through this Logan winter with all 10 toes intact :)

And I took some pictures to show you, of course!

You know you want some :)



Braden's birthday weekend was a success! 
We spent time with family, ate out, went rock climbing, and saw Megamind. Twice.
(It was that good of a movie, I highly recommend it.)

Blowing out his candles 

Megamind Tats!


Megamind, AGAIN!

Now that I am back at USU, I am not sure how much I will be blogging.
Between burning off the cake I ate for every meal this weekend, writing a paper for humanities, and studying for another Statistics test, I am going to be a little busy. 

Plus, I have to make time for a nap or two. :)

So wish me luck on my busy week, and if I find the time, or a topic, to blog about I will be sure to update you, my plethora of followers... Joke. 


A Fly.. or Two

So just a little disclaimer for this entry, it might gross you out a little bit.
But, what I am about to share is, sadly, very pertinent to my life up here in Logan.

There is a bit of a fly problem in room 404. It might be a problem in every room, I wouldn't really know, but it's definitely a problem in ours.

The first week or so that we moved in, it was very nice weather outside. I made the mistake of opening my bedroom window. I was immediately, no exaggerating swarmed by flies. They were so loud, and there was so many of them I was pretty sure I was being attacked by bees. When I recovered and realized they were just flies, I tried to get them back outside. Didn't work. I was forced to let them die a slow, painful death in my blinds.

All 4 of my other roommates made the same opening the window mistake after me, and ever since there are flies EVERYWHERE.
I have 10 dead flies in the light in my room. It blows my mind that they manage to squeeze in there, but there is a new one every day or so.

No we do not have a fly swatter yet, but every once in awhile we take a rolled up magazine and try to exterminate.
The really gross part is, stop reading now if you feel the need,
we are 6 dirty girls.. and we never clean the dead flies up... We let them sit on the widow sills... until they end up on the floor.. and then eventually we vacuum.
I know. I'm ashamed.

Alysha and I are beginning to get used to the flies around here. They buzz us to sleep when we take naps. And when we are extra bored, like today, we watch them try to escape the blinds, and wonder what they are thinking about.
Do you think they know they are dying? are they scared? or do they have such small brains they think they are flying around in the sky?

I've thought about naming them.

I am listening to a fly buzz around my room right now. He is the last one left today, and he is disgusting.

This whole entry was disgusting.
Buuuuuut, I already wrote this whole gross story, so why not share with you some even grosser pictures!

You are all excited I know.

No captions necessary. 

I promise my next entry will be gross free :)


Halloween Shmalloween

Halloween has always been my least favorite holiday.
My parents tell me that even when I was a kid I didn't really enjoy tick-or-treating.
I'm an old soul. 

All I remember of the Halloweens of my early years is that I always wanted a skimpier costume than the weather and my parents permitted. 
I just wanted is to be a genie with my tummy showing; no leotard underneath mom! I mean, who doesn't want their 7 year old child's costume to be described as sexy?! Every parent's dream come true. 

Anyway, with the cold weather, the moderate exercise, and the forced modesty Halloween just never made any sense to me.
and it still doesn't.

So being the lame, super mature woman I am, I skipped Utah States most famous party, the Howl, and came home. 
By what my friends said about it, I didn't miss out on too much. They all had fun, blah blah blah, but it was overrated.

Instead of partying, I carved a pumpkin and watched a scary movie with some friends.  
It was the BEST pumpkin I have ever carved in the history of Halloween. 
and it was an incredibly stupid movie, which I was thrilled with. 
(I recently discovered, I don't really enjoy being scared to the point where I have to sing church songs over and over in my head just to try and get some sleep.)

I had fun. 
It was a nice, costume-less, suuuuper mature, Halloween weekend :)

Don't be confused by Braden holding the knife, he didn't carve a thing.
All me :)

Finished product. I am proud, okay?!

The whole group and their pumpkins

The closest thing to dressing up all weekend! :)

Now the worst holiday of the year is over, and it's time for the best ones!
Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner people! 

I am one of those annoying people who listen to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving is over, because Christmas is obviously such a better holiday. 
The only reason I am even recognizing Thanksgiving on this blog is because it involves getting a break of school and going to Disneyland!

The rest of this year is downhill from here! woo-hoo!