Tender Doggy

So if you didn't know, I have the cutest dog EVER.
I think dogs are kind of like babies, you always think yours is cuter than all the other babies. And lets face it, some babies really are cuter than the rest.
My dog is one of those babies. 
The best thing about my dog is that she is such a tender!

Sometimes my dad has to give my not so cute cat a bath. The cat doesn't enjoy it, and likes to complain the whole time. He is dramatic like that. 
The tender part is that Dallas, my dog, is so concerned about my cats welfare. 
Dallas has some serious motherly instincts.

I am the worst videographer ever. I like to turn my camera so when I upload it to my computer you have to tilt your head to watch. It's also 20 seconds too long.
Sorry about that.. 

Is it a little sadistic that I am laughing?
The cat is okay, and as soon as he gets out of the bath, Dallas licks her clean like a sweet tender mommy dog. 

Tell me my dog isn't the cutest!?

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