Braden's birthday weekend was a success! 
We spent time with family, ate out, went rock climbing, and saw Megamind. Twice.
(It was that good of a movie, I highly recommend it.)

Blowing out his candles 

Megamind Tats!


Megamind, AGAIN!

Now that I am back at USU, I am not sure how much I will be blogging.
Between burning off the cake I ate for every meal this weekend, writing a paper for humanities, and studying for another Statistics test, I am going to be a little busy. 

Plus, I have to make time for a nap or two. :)

So wish me luck on my busy week, and if I find the time, or a topic, to blog about I will be sure to update you, my plethora of followers... Joke. 


  1. Um hello, happy bday to Brandon and also, if I may ask, what is http://tendercutiepootie.blogspot.com/? Hahaha I must see this.
    Love you both.

  2. hahahaha its BRADEN!!!
    and no, that is a mystery you will always wonder about :))

  3. hahahaha Brandon. Oops. It's funny because I knew it was wrong but then I convinced myself it was right...you'd think I'd look up a little to see. MAN names are hard.

  4. hahahahahahahaha Brandon. Ohhh funny.