I already finished my paper, minus a few revisions here and there.
so here I am blogging, a day later. You guys all knew I couldn't stay away huh?!

The cold weather has officially set in here in Logan. 
It snowed yesterday, and it's supposed to snow today and tomorrow.
Even without the snow, it is FREEZING outside. 

Normally when winter season rolls around I am not too torn up about it, because I am sick of the in between season wear. I am ready to wear my winter wear!
Not a little combination of spring, fall, and summer wear, my wardrobe has been confused!

So now that it is time for just plain winter wear, I am a little disappointed to learn that I can no longer wear clothes just for the fashion, I have to consider the function. BLAAH

Determined to mix fashion with functionality, I have bought myself some BOGS.
(well mom bought them actually...)

I wore them all day today and yesterday, trying to break them in for when the weather gets real serious. 
(I have blisters now)

I get some strange looks, and I even get people asking some questions.
But, my roommate and my friend down the hall want their own pair now.
You could say I'm a trendsetter. 

What are BOGS?!
They are the greatest shoes ever. They are so comfortable, supportive, snug and warm. They supposedly keep your feet warm and dry in -40 degrees, but i'd rather not test it. They are the boots to get me through this Logan winter with all 10 toes intact :)

And I took some pictures to show you, of course!

You know you want some :)


  1. Those look like they would be nice for shoveling snow off my driveway. Maybe you could add that chore to your weekend trips home ;)

  2. I came by to see the new header and I am looovviinn it! So cute!

  3. Thaaaanks! I could redesign my blog for hours and hours

  4. I don't think I want a pair...

  5. Oh I need some of those for China! Where did you get them??

  6. I ordered them off nordstrom online, they are pretty awesome haha