A Fly.. or Two

So just a little disclaimer for this entry, it might gross you out a little bit.
But, what I am about to share is, sadly, very pertinent to my life up here in Logan.

There is a bit of a fly problem in room 404. It might be a problem in every room, I wouldn't really know, but it's definitely a problem in ours.

The first week or so that we moved in, it was very nice weather outside. I made the mistake of opening my bedroom window. I was immediately, no exaggerating swarmed by flies. They were so loud, and there was so many of them I was pretty sure I was being attacked by bees. When I recovered and realized they were just flies, I tried to get them back outside. Didn't work. I was forced to let them die a slow, painful death in my blinds.

All 4 of my other roommates made the same opening the window mistake after me, and ever since there are flies EVERYWHERE.
I have 10 dead flies in the light in my room. It blows my mind that they manage to squeeze in there, but there is a new one every day or so.

No we do not have a fly swatter yet, but every once in awhile we take a rolled up magazine and try to exterminate.
The really gross part is, stop reading now if you feel the need,
we are 6 dirty girls.. and we never clean the dead flies up... We let them sit on the widow sills... until they end up on the floor.. and then eventually we vacuum.
I know. I'm ashamed.

Alysha and I are beginning to get used to the flies around here. They buzz us to sleep when we take naps. And when we are extra bored, like today, we watch them try to escape the blinds, and wonder what they are thinking about.
Do you think they know they are dying? are they scared? or do they have such small brains they think they are flying around in the sky?

I've thought about naming them.

I am listening to a fly buzz around my room right now. He is the last one left today, and he is disgusting.

This whole entry was disgusting.
Buuuuuut, I already wrote this whole gross story, so why not share with you some even grosser pictures!

You are all excited I know.

No captions necessary. 

I promise my next entry will be gross free :)


  1. We are terrible... we just let them buzz around in our blinds... waiting to die. Poor flies.

  2. Great blog entry, I liked it. You did a great job on the pictures too.