Brown Hair

Wednesday texting conversation with Braden...

Braden: "so what have you been up to?"

Me: "Well I have brown hair..."

Braden: "Picture. Now."

Thats right. I dyed my hair brown people!
This is a big deal apparently. When I sat down in my stylist's chair I honestly had no idea dying my hair a different color was such an event.
I really didn't think to much about the decision, it was very impromptu. My sister and the hair stylist said "You should dye it brown!" and as it turns out, I am very susceptible  to peer pressure.

6 hours later...
(yes six actual hours, no exaggeration.. )

But it some lights it looks a little black.
My 80 year old grandpa, uncle, and boyfriend keep calling it black. Not my favorite.
In fact, after spending 6 hours sitting in the salon and coming home to a LIVID mother telling me she hates it, I am NOT loving it..
I'm actually feeling a little emotional about it, and I spend a good 1o minutes crying.

A good nights sleep and a shower later, I am feeling much better.
All of my friends and family (minus mom, dad, and Gladys) love it.
Or at least they say they do, and thats fine because I cannot handle hearing anything else at this point. Im feeling a little emotionally unstable.

I am beginning to really love it though.
I tell myself it's very Rachel McAdams, if you will.
I realize I look nothing like Rachel McAdams, but like I said, emotionally unstable.

Give me about a week and I will be loving it, and no longer in denial about the fact that I do not look like a celebrity.

Because some of my friends thought I was lying when I told them, I have proof.
Pictures of my hair and Thanksgiving that I don't hate...

6 hours...

we're ready for christmas

My cute cousin

My cute, but not thrilled, parentals

And no I didn't dye my eyebrows too. They have always been this dark. I hate to break it to the haters, but Im not a natural blonde. Sorry Grandma.

If you don't like it, try to remember my emotional state and tell me some other time.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. I don't lie. I LOOOVE IT! And you. I can definitely get the Rachel McAdams vibe also.

  2. you need some new boyfriend jeans. christmas present?

  3. Brooke, if you didn't have such great skin you couldn't pull it off. But since you do, BLACK hair looks great on you. :)