Almost Famous

I had another run in with fame since my appearance on USPN.
My sister is in the film program at BYU, and had to make a little movie this weekend.
It just so happened that Braden, CC, and I were the actors in this production.

When the movie is cut and ready to be viewed, I will post it on here for you all to see. Until then, I am not going to explain the complicated plot so you are all on the edge of your seat when you finally see it.

What I will say is that it was a lot of fun, but mostly really tiring.
I underestimated the task of being an actor.
My body was aching after hours of trying to be an even mediocre actress.

I felt a little ridiculous and I was tired of doing the same scene over and over, in multiple camera angles.
But, I had a good time dressing up and laughing non-stop with my best friends.
I hope Bri has time to make a blooper video, cause there was LOTS.

It was a fun little experience.

Suzy and Carl

The Film Crew

Suzy and her best friend Bonnie

The Actors :)

In the end my secret dreams of becoming truly famous were crushed.
You will see why when I post the movie.

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