Cheap Ideas

To no surprise, I am coming home again this weekend.
It will most likely be a long weekend, since Thanksgiving break starts Tuesday evening.
So all I need from you, my 13 followers, is to tell me some things to do this long weekend home?!
I don't have a lot of money, so please make some suggestions I can afford to do.
Also, if these suggestions had something to do with the holiday season, even more fun!
No suggestion is beneath me..
I need some ideas people. Comment away! :)


  1. I am not one of your 13, but here is a start:
    1- clean the litter box - the Christmas gift (the cat) that just keeps giving (pooping).
    2- Volunteer at help at the Food Bank.
    3- Watch the lame movie your Dad got from Netflix
    4- Help you Mother put up the Christmas decorations.
    5- Make and give away some Christmas cookies.
    6- Plan your white elephant gift for Gma's.
    7- Go Caroling... Is it too early?

  2. Okay I helped your count. It's only fair because I helped Bri's and I read every post anyway. So things to do ... maybe we should plan a photo shoot? :)

  3. Take some hot chocolate, tons of blankets,an ipod with speakers and go star gazing up the canyon!! :) It's so fun when its cold, makes snuggling all the better! Then just talk the night away :) I love those nights :)

  4. Hey, no putting up decorations without me. We'll do the tree Wednesday

  5. Haha Ben has some great ideas! I would like to suggest comedy sports. It's not that expensive. Dollar movies? Elf watching? The movie of course.