The best day of my life.

One month later, and the wedding pictures are here!  
I should warn you, it's picture overload. 



da na na na du na na na

The husband and I do not have TV.
No basic cable. No fancy cable.

I hear all day long people talk about the Gossip Girl, Greys, Vampire Diaries, the news, The Bachelor, American Idol, and the list goes on. And I have begun to feel a little left out.
I realize Hulu, and other things exist specifically to solve this problem.
But the truth is, I don't really want to be watching these shows.
I don't feel like I have the time, especially since it's not something Zane is interested in doing with me. And I really don't need another form of media to be distracting me from the things I really should be doing. Like the laundry, going to the gym, school work, or showering.
I already have Facebook, this dang blog, e-mail, pinterest, our ipad, and books to help me procrastinate those things.

And to help me and the hubs pass the time we do have to just relax together, we have rediscovered........
The Twilight Zone!
I have never actually been a fan. Although I enjoy old, old books, I have never gotten into the old film and TV show trend. But now I know what all the fuss is about, and I am addicted.
Zane and I will sit down and watch at least 2 episodes a night before we hit the sack, and I love it.
I love that we discovered a form of entertainment that both of us enjoy, cause let me tell ya, our taste doesn't always match. Although I try to be a good sport about Bruce Lee, and he willingly watches Pride and Prejudice, as well as the Justin Beiber movie with me, we're not exactly ecstatic about the others taste.
Twilight Zone is our middle ground.
Twilight Zone is my lack of TV fix.

And if all you know about Twilight Zone is what you see on the Tower of Terror, I suggest you educate yourself.

LOVIN IT! In my Mozy jacket, of course.


new and old

Another Pro for working for MozyPro, other than my new shift, is my latest "swag".

Although my mug, and slew of misunderstood T-shirts are awesome, I may be obsessed with my new work jacket. 
I was so excited about it I came home, and immediately tried it on. Which led to me wearing it the rest of the day. Later I snuggled in bed in my PJ's with it still on. And I may or may not have worn it today, not only to work, but to lunch with CC as well. 
I promise I did shower this morning.

I know you wish you had one too.

Also, remember how I said I lost my camera? Well I did. 
I tell you, I looked everywhere. Even Zane helped me in the search, with no luck. I had lost hope, and begun dreaming of a bigger, better, much more expensive camera. 
When I got to work this morning I reached into my purse to grab my phone and lo and behold, There was my camera. Just sitting in my purse, where it belongs. Surprise! 
I think my magic, sneaky husband stole it and then put it back when I wasn't looking.
Of course, Zane's theory is that it was always there. Pfft. 

Regardless, I'm just happy to be in my track jacket, knowing the old camera's back.  


my biggest claim to fame, as of yet.

Friday night my cute dad bought tickets for my whole family to go see Mike Birbiglia.
I know. None of you know who he is. 
Mike Birbiglia is a comedian, and a good one at that. See.

So we went out. Ate some delicious pizza at The Pie, classic Salt Lake City stop. 
It was crowded, loud, and delicious. 
And the 5 of us may have looked obese, because our pizza looked like this.

The good news is, there was 3/4 of it left when we were done. 

The show was great.
Mike's routine, or whatever comedians call it, was so clever.
He had all these individual bits, but then somehow they all connected and came together to make one story. 
You could tell he was a good writer. 
And then, the show ended and the highlight of my life happened. 
and he was nice. 

All and all, a very successful Friday night.

*note: a. I have unfortunately lost my camera, thus all pictures are devil eye's iphone shots. I am very sad, let's not talk about it.
b. It wasn't really the highlight of my life, but it was a good moment.


when you've been at home with your thoughts uninterrupted for 24 hours

Sometimes I wish my life was just a little bit different.
I wish I was sky diving, and seeing the world.
I wish I'd read, and fully understood all the classic novels.
I wish I looked something like Rachel McAdams and sang like Adele.
I wish I was off saving lives in 3rd world countries.
I wish I was off teaching the gospel in 3rd world countries.
I wish my house looked like something off HGTV.
I wish I was a disciplined ballet dancer.
I wish I was a witty writer, or a clever speaker.
I want an adventure, is that too much to ask for?

You see, I was up sick last night, so I spent today resting.
Resting and healing is what I am pretty sure my parents would of told me to do if I was still living under their roof, so I did what I thought the responsible adult I am supposed to be now would do.
It turns out resting all day, is rather boring.
So now the day is spent, and I fall back on the bed, where I am supposed to be going to sleep for the night, as if I haven't been sleeping all day. And I ask Zane,
"What are we doing with our lives?!"
He laughs at me, knowing exactly how I am feeling, and gives me a little list.

I am a student.
I am a wife.
I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a grand-daughter, a niece, and a friend.
I was married in the temple, and am building a family.

It's a short list, and maybe not a very impressive one to some, but it means the world to me.

Some things, like traveling the world, reading all the classics, and maybe even preaching the gospel in other countries, may come with time.
Others, like looking like Rachel McAdams, were never really an option.
Regardless, this is my life. Sweet and simple.

Not that we shouldn't have goals, and strive to be more. We should.
I just think we need to learn how to be more grateful, and accepting, and honestly content with what we already have.

Or maybe all of your lives really are as fabulous as you make them seem on facebook, and it's just me.


home shmome

I had big dreams for this little 4 day weekend.
I was secretly hoping the husband and I could sneak out of town on an impromptu trip to somewhere still-pretty-boring-but-less-boring-than-orem. like St. George.
Turns out Zane didn't have Monday off of work.
Not to be deterred, I then hoped we could figure out some really fun and unusual things to do Friday and Saturday.
But, like every other time I attempt to do something out of the ordinary, we somehow ended up at Miracle Bowl.
Where I did bowl my first turkey! Not to be out down by Zane bowling a turkey at the end of the game, thus beating my probably all time high score. Predictable.
And not so out of the ordinary, our second game I bowled 4 straight gutter balls.

It's funny how things turn out sometimes. Not the bowling game, but the weekend. Definitely not what I had pictured, in fact, if you ask Zane he might tell you the disappointment of this weekend left me a little dramatic, and emotional.
I, of course, would deny it.
But it is what it is, and I know there will be lots of other 4 day weekends, and other beautiful Saturday afternoons to make memories.

I did manage to be slightly productive over the weekend though. I made a resolution to make one homemade meal, or baked good at least once a week.
Last week I decided making homemade Pizza with our buddies counted, and by Saturday of this week, I was running out of days.
So I woke up Saturday and made me and my hubs some breakfast.

Zane did make the bacon, and some dang good bacon at that. 

It might not be fancy, but it counts!
and I must say, it turned out much better than our pizza. 

I also ended up with a few snaps of Friday night at the Sr. O'Gwins house. 

am I the only one who wants her hair!?

I'm the weirdo, who married this weirdo. 

The whole fam bam. 

I hope your weekend was filled with wonderful people like mine, but also a tad more exciting.