my biggest claim to fame, as of yet.

Friday night my cute dad bought tickets for my whole family to go see Mike Birbiglia.
I know. None of you know who he is. 
Mike Birbiglia is a comedian, and a good one at that. See.

So we went out. Ate some delicious pizza at The Pie, classic Salt Lake City stop. 
It was crowded, loud, and delicious. 
And the 5 of us may have looked obese, because our pizza looked like this.

The good news is, there was 3/4 of it left when we were done. 

The show was great.
Mike's routine, or whatever comedians call it, was so clever.
He had all these individual bits, but then somehow they all connected and came together to make one story. 
You could tell he was a good writer. 
And then, the show ended and the highlight of my life happened. 
and he was nice. 

All and all, a very successful Friday night.

*note: a. I have unfortunately lost my camera, thus all pictures are devil eye's iphone shots. I am very sad, let's not talk about it.
b. It wasn't really the highlight of my life, but it was a good moment.

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