something sweet, something real, something real sweet

I have been trying to think of cute things that I've learned about marriage, or about Zane, since we got married, to make a cute little marriage post.
I even asked Zane in bed last night if he thought he had learned something new, he said he was sure he has, but in the end couldn't think of one. 

I guess what it comes down to is we have only been married two weeks. Thus, we are in a blissful, no one does anything wrong, stereotypical honeymoon phase.

So what I have learned about marriage is, it is so much easier than I thought it would be!
Zane and I fell into our own little family, in our own little home so easily. I enjoy every single second of it, literally.
I am sure when I blog my month anniversary, and then my year, I'm sure I will be singing a slightly less naive tune.
Nonetheless, the current bliss is currently our reality, and it deserves to be remembered. 

Here is a trivial list of things I have learned in 2 whole weeks:

1. Zane's evening prayers are extra long. 
2. When he bites his nails, it bugs me a smidgen. 
3. When I crack my knuckles a million times at night, it bugs Zane a smidgen.
4. Cooking already happens less often than I planned, but it's a resolution okay?
5. Zane knows much more, and is all around better, at doing the laundry. Not complaining.
6. I'm a tooty wife. Can I say that on the world wide web? 
7. Zane is his own heat source, the fan must be blowing toward our bed at night.
8. I am an icicle, I must be in PJ's, under covers, and must not be able to feel the fan on me in our bed at night. 
9. Zane has learned that I no longer care to shave my legs, and I have learned he apparently doesn't care. 
10. Zane is an angel. My exact definition of a perfect husband. My exact definition of a perfect person more like. (but I actually already knew that one)

My absolute favorite part of being married so far?
Saying our prayers and reading out of the Book of Mormon together each night. 
I have never felt more peace, and pure love in my whole life. 

Get married people. It's the greatest.