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I had big dreams for this little 4 day weekend.
I was secretly hoping the husband and I could sneak out of town on an impromptu trip to somewhere still-pretty-boring-but-less-boring-than-orem. like St. George.
Turns out Zane didn't have Monday off of work.
Not to be deterred, I then hoped we could figure out some really fun and unusual things to do Friday and Saturday.
But, like every other time I attempt to do something out of the ordinary, we somehow ended up at Miracle Bowl.
Where I did bowl my first turkey! Not to be out down by Zane bowling a turkey at the end of the game, thus beating my probably all time high score. Predictable.
And not so out of the ordinary, our second game I bowled 4 straight gutter balls.

It's funny how things turn out sometimes. Not the bowling game, but the weekend. Definitely not what I had pictured, in fact, if you ask Zane he might tell you the disappointment of this weekend left me a little dramatic, and emotional.
I, of course, would deny it.
But it is what it is, and I know there will be lots of other 4 day weekends, and other beautiful Saturday afternoons to make memories.

I did manage to be slightly productive over the weekend though. I made a resolution to make one homemade meal, or baked good at least once a week.
Last week I decided making homemade Pizza with our buddies counted, and by Saturday of this week, I was running out of days.
So I woke up Saturday and made me and my hubs some breakfast.

Zane did make the bacon, and some dang good bacon at that. 

It might not be fancy, but it counts!
and I must say, it turned out much better than our pizza. 

I also ended up with a few snaps of Friday night at the Sr. O'Gwins house. 

am I the only one who wants her hair!?

I'm the weirdo, who married this weirdo. 

The whole fam bam. 

I hope your weekend was filled with wonderful people like mine, but also a tad more exciting.

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