new and old

Another Pro for working for MozyPro, other than my new shift, is my latest "swag".

Although my mug, and slew of misunderstood T-shirts are awesome, I may be obsessed with my new work jacket. 
I was so excited about it I came home, and immediately tried it on. Which led to me wearing it the rest of the day. Later I snuggled in bed in my PJ's with it still on. And I may or may not have worn it today, not only to work, but to lunch with CC as well. 
I promise I did shower this morning.

I know you wish you had one too.

Also, remember how I said I lost my camera? Well I did. 
I tell you, I looked everywhere. Even Zane helped me in the search, with no luck. I had lost hope, and begun dreaming of a bigger, better, much more expensive camera. 
When I got to work this morning I reached into my purse to grab my phone and lo and behold, There was my camera. Just sitting in my purse, where it belongs. Surprise! 
I think my magic, sneaky husband stole it and then put it back when I wasn't looking.
Of course, Zane's theory is that it was always there. Pfft. 

Regardless, I'm just happy to be in my track jacket, knowing the old camera's back.  

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