An Aunt

Something I realized only a couple weeks before getting married, is the fact that marrying Zane means I'm an AUNT!
Sometimes with all my adorable little cousins, I feel like I'm an aunt already. 
But when I married Zane I became an official aunt to my new nephew, Liam, and Niece, Pippa!
And seeing as it is Liam's 2nd birthday today, it seemed like an appropriate day for a blog. 

Liam and Pippa are Jen and Chase's kids. They live in Georgia, so I actually had never met them until the day before my wedding. 
I had a short period of time to get to know them before they were headed back home, but I already love them!
Pippa is just a chubby little happy baby, and Liam is a true nut and a tank!
We are all crossing our fingers Jen and Chase move back to Utah soon, so we can see the little cuties more often. 
And Chase and Jen too, of course. 

I didn't get a picture with Pippa, but here is LIAM! He's so stinkin cute!
Why I can no longer ever keep my eyes open in pictures, remains a mystery. 

Happy Birthday to little Liam!
Love you Bud!

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