pizza party

marriage. marriage. marriage.
It truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me, or rather, being married to Zane is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Zane does the laundry, and takes out the trash, and always helps me do the dishes and make the bed.
I am one lucky girl.

We have settled into our home quite easily. It already feels like home, although we are still working on the finishing touches.
Even though it isn't quite finished, when my Tis suggested that we host our first get together at the O'Gwins, we were on board!
So Bri, her friend Jordan, Jo and her husband Ryan came over to make pizza and play games at our house.
It was a grand ol' time.
And most importantly Zane got the chance to show off his magic skills, since I am rarely a good audience, and it was a huge hit with the Metcalfs. So huge I think they are going to let us come to california just so they can see more.
The only downside of the whole night is the fact that Zane and I's pizza turned out pretty much disgusting.

It was fun to have people over to our home. It felt like we were married...
cause we are!
I'm excited to have our next little get together, so if you want to party with the O'Gwins just let me know! We'd be happy to have you over :)

These cute best friends

it had so much potential.. 


Brother and Sister, oh sibling love. 

about to attempt to fondue

oh hi, we're married. 

My sister has this awesome Polaroid camera. I want. 

All photos stolen from Jo. 
Dreamin' of a new camera. 

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  1. Haha I find it so funny you guys use Tis when it is an inside thing with by family, BUT
    A. I loved this night
    B. I loved our pizza!! I'm sorry yours didn't turn out!
    C. Remember the fondue? Sigh...
    D. We told our entire families about Zane and his magic
    E. We love you guys!! We can't wait for you to come visit!! Thank you for hosting!