A Weekend To Remember

I have become a regular old pro at staying whole weekends at Utah State.
And this weekend was the most successful yet!

Friday was full of the regular old USU family.
My twins, and red head boys hung out with us all night.
(I know you are happy to hear that mom.)
Somewhere around 2 in the morning, we decided to pull our first college prank.
We took out the light bulbs in both of the elevators and hid them on the 5th floor. So for the rest of the night, and part of the next day, anyone who needed to take the elevator had no other choice but to take it in COMPLETE darkness.
It is pretty creepy. but the college kids actually gotta big kick out of it.
They road it up and down in groups all night.

We got a kick out of watching the fun we accidentally created for everyone.

We actually got our second prank out of the way in the same night as well...
We filled our empty trash can with water, and titled it against our boys room door.
Then we knock, run away, the door opens, the trash can falls over into the room, water everywhere.
Funny right?
But don't feel bad for them because they got us back. like 3 separate times. Including a water fight, and our own trash can fiasco. 
The rest of the night involved Bunlimpics, and not getting to bed till 6 in the morning.
It was perfect.
Some wet girls after the water fight

Saturday started bright and early with some deep cleaning of the apartment before my bridal shower guests arrived. Then we decorated, got the party stuff together, and cooked some baked goods.
And FINALLY the party arrived!
We ordered pizza, ate yummy food, and caught up.
Then on to the naughty games. LOTS of fun.
An adorable soon-to-be-newlywed game video made by yours truly.
The opening of some beautiful presents.
A fashion show :)
The boys stopped by to visit Lyshy for probably the last time.
cucumbers and face-masks.
Brought the mattresses out on the floor for a giant sleepover bed.
Watched Just Married, and fell asleep.

I realize that was the most boring way to tell you about that night, but it was too great, too much happened, it could not be written down on a blog.

All you really need to know is, I am the BEST maid of honor in the world.
Women should hire me to be their MOH's. I deserve the big bucks for my talents.

 Valentines Day Themed Decore and Treats

Me, the bestie, and most of the guests.


Up-Coming Bridal Party!

Have I mentioned my BESTIE is getting married?

Well she is, March 19th. 

I am pretty sure most of the people who read my blog already know this. 
It is big news. very exciting.

So of course, I am throwing her a bridal shower/bachelorette party!
It will be the celebration of the season. 
The party, I mean, but probably the wedding too. 

I have been so excited about this for a little over a month now. I finally got all of the party supplies together these past two days, and it has made me a bit of an eager beaver. 
My friends have had to talk me out of putting up decorations, and putting together party bags weeks in advance. 

But FINALLY the party is tomorrow!!!
I hope it lives up to all of the expectations I have built in my head.

More importantly, I hope it stops snowing, so those coming up from Orem will make it safely. The guest of honor is pretty imperative for the party. 
So keep my little party in your prayers :)

And stay posted for what I'm SURE will be some quality pictures. 

{Tis' the season to get married everyone}


Bieber Fever

A fact I failed to share but decided was very relevant to my life right now...

I am a straight up bieliber.

(a bieliber is a dedicated fan of Mr. Justin Bieber.)

Say what you will, but that boy is ADORABLE. He can sing his little heart out to me any day.
and after going to the concert myself, and seeing the Bieber movie (which I would recommend to anyone), I decided it's time to become an open fan.

So naturally my roommates and I bought 5 JB posters.

Our family room is finally complete. 

We now have Bieber Fever everyday! 



I received a complaint that I hadn't blogged in some time, but the truth is I don't feel like there is anything to blog about!
Then, like she heard my prayers, this lady tagged me on her blog, and saved the day!

The rules of blog tagging are:
1. You must share 15 interesting facts about yourself
2. You must tag 5 other people

Sounds like fun right?

Here we go.

1. I have this groove in my front tooth that I never knew was abnormal till a dental student pointed it out to me.

2. I cannot have a pinky toe nail. Whenever that little nail starts to grow, I have to rip it off. Often without noticing I did so.

3. I think if headaches had a smell, they would smell like Swedish Fish.

4. I have never seen a rated R movie.

5. I hate when the AC/Heat is turned to the highest speed in the car. any car. In my car, that speed is a 4. Braden likes to test to see if I really notice the difference between 3 and 4. I do.

6. I really love to read.

7. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people add an S onto Nordstrom.

8. My tailbone curves under, and probably always will. Reason unknown.

9. I have never broken a bone, or even gotten stitches.

10. I was not sad when Skinny died in Step Up.

11. I make pretty yummy cookies, if I do say so myself, and homemade pancakes.

12. I am surprisingly happy in the mornings, my dads favorite quality about me.

13. I love to take and even be in pictures. all the kinds of pictures. But I have zero desire or ability to be a photographer.

14. I absolutely hate to blow dry my hair and hang up clothes.

15. I hate when other people plug my nose.

Whew! we made it through.

Now the 5 people I tag, If they ever read this, are:

1. Jordan Metcalf
2. Bri Borup
3. CC Almeida
4. Heather Friden
5. Courtney Kearns


Freshman Free Day!

School is hard. 
But I discovered the solution to the over-whelmed school blues.
A Freshman Free Day!

So one night when I was feeling a particularly extreme amount of school anxiety, I decided the next day I was going to get some friends together and just be FREE.
Free from studying, classes, stress, worry, and sleep deprivation. 

Hilly, Ken, and I started our adventure around noon.
(because waking up before that would defeat the purpose of free day.)

First, we went to Deseret Book, for a purpose that will later be revealed.
So I parked the car, grabbed my bag, jumped out of my car, and slammed the door.
But the door wouldn't close... I checked around to see if my coat or seat belt had gotten stuck in the door way. nope. So naturally, I slammed the door again. 
And then my ipod fell to the ground.
Bent in a way I never even knew was possible.

My newly replaced ipod broken. My heart, broken. 

Next, since we woke up too late for breakfast, we had a little lunch.
We ate at this really yummy mexican place that I cannot remember the name to.

Then we bowled. At this little alley called Logan Lanes that we love, even though they are the only place in Logan that doesn't give an Aggie discount. 
I only bowled 2 strikes in 2 games.
and I never broke 100. But when it comes to bowling, I am a pretty good sport. 
(unlike when I play card games)


Then we had a little ice cream treat at Charlie's. Some rave about this place, but personally I was unimpressed. But Ken won bowling, and we losers promised to buy her a shake. 

Next, we drove to Logan Canyon to try and find the infamous 15 foot tall snowman. We drove, and drove, and drove, and drove. And ken started feeling car sick.  and we continued to drive. 
Finally when were on the verge of giving up, we found it!!!
We pulled over, and got out to take some pictures. Totally worth the 40 min drive.
Then we got stuck in the snow.. Luckily some friendly men pulled over and managed to get the car out. Then I struggled for 15 min to try and get my car out of 4-low... We smiled and pretended we were looking at pictures so the helpful strangers wouldn't know how retarded we are. 

We finished with feeding some birds, and went and tried on some clothes at D.I.
The day was just what we needed.
And to finish it off, we discovered my Ipod still plays music! 
The screen, on the other hand, is a goner.  

On a completely different subject, Happy Lovers Day! :) 
I hope you found ways to reach out to the people you love.
I know nothing makes me happier faster than when I find kind things to do for others. 
It's not too late to celebrate the holiday if you didn't take advantage of it yesterday :)


"You never know who you're going to be exposed to"

Do you know what?
Life is pretty great.

The time goes by so quickly these days. One week flows into the next without too much thought of home.
My roommates, best friends and I have become a special little family of our own.
And this new family makes it much easier to be away from the family I've left in Orem.
This past week has been full of laughs, secret blanket forts, stolen furniture, group meetings, wakee six, baked goods, one really bad movie, styling, and roommate snuggling.

I want to live with these people FOREVER! 

forgo marriage maybe?

I now find that when I am home home, I miss my snow home.

We are going to go slam all 5 of us roommates onto a giant combined bed in the Mrs. room and spend the night together watching movies.
So I must be going.

Pictures that don't come close to capturing the joy:


Finally, The Final Movie

So for those of you who have been dying to see it...
This is the FINAL 50's movie I did.
I can't decide if I am embarrassed...

Enjoy :)

good times.


Worth Reading

Sometimes there is nothing I feel is worth blogging about.
This is one of those times.
When that happens I usually look to other's blogs, but often, like today, none of you have posted anything new!
So I discovered this...

One Incredible Lady

I feel like I may be the last mormon on earth to not stumble upon this already.
But just incase I'm not, I thought I would share it with you.

It is something worth reading.
(Mormon or not)

Here is a little hint...


I Make a Difference

Yesterday I had the opportunity to donate blood for the first time!

I have always wanted to donate, but I was always too young, or been out of the country too recently. So this was my first chance!
My roommate, the Mrs. agreed to do it with me, so I wouldn't have to do it all by myself. And all of the other roommies agreed to come, but not to donate. Fears of blood and needles run rampant around here.
The Mrs. sang her own songs about donating all the way there. skipping and running.
They went something like...
"You want blood from me? I'll give you my blood it's free!"

As it turns out, Mrs. didn't have enough iron. Though they had to draw blood from both of her finger tips to tell her that.

My Iron, on the other hand, was grrrreat! and I donated a pint of my blood.
I just save up to 3 people, or 10 babies.
It hurt, like kind of a lot, but it was worth it! And Ken held my hand the whole time :)

They give you the sticker BEFORE you donate. so Mrs. got one anyway. 
Plus, it's the thought that counts right?

I make a DIFFERENCE! Woo!

It's just never a flattering angle, but it had to be taken. 


Instead of FB

So I decided to go on a little Facebook fast.
Credit goes to Poe :)
I started yesterday almost immediately after I wrote my last entry. 
I decided to stay away from the FB for a whole week. 
And not just put my status as offline, so people don't know I am on Facebook, like my dear sister does :)

I have been tempted to log on many times already, but I am staying strong. 
But I know the only way I am going to survive is if I consistently blog.
What is so addicting about sharing my life with others??
Who knows, but be ready for a full week of my precious thoughts. 

So lets talk about my weekend. So those of you who stalk me on FB (CC, and parents) can have your daily fill :)

Friday evening I went to dinner with my Borup family at CPK. It was delicious and although I fought back tears when the topic of my kitty came up, I enjoyed the company of my family. 

Saturday started with helping Braden paint his room. It was a surprising arm/hand work out, but I was pretty dang good at it. I did like 70% of the work :)

Then Braden took me to the Rec. Center to try and teach me how to play rball. I was not very good... but I can catch the ball with my left hand really well. Braden was a great teacher, and more importantly he was very very patient with me. 
More embarrassing than my actual lack of skills, is the fact that I was incredibly sore the next day... next two days actually.. haha

Saturday night I went to dinner with my Orem besties, CC and Miss Lysha! I missed them so much! Dinner was so dang yummy, and the QT (quality time) was even better. They are the greatest. And surprisingly enough, not one picture was taken between me and Lysh. woops. 

It was such a good weekend. (minus the death of my childhood pet)
I am so happy I came home. 

Now I am back at school. Spending another weekend here in Logan, cause I am so independent and amazing these days. 
And I am sure I will update you on my daily activities before you even get the chance to wonder. 

(I hope all of you know me well enough to catch all my sarcasm...)